There are billions of dollars spent on online marketing annually

People work really hard to acquire new audiences. But they fail to nurture and convert their own audiences. 

In the past 6 months, Joe Polish, the founder of Genius Network, started emailing high-value content 3 times per week. The emails were purely focused on adding value to his audience and nurturing them. At the bottom of his emails, he has several "options" of ways he can help them. 

For a long time, I used my email list ineffectively.

I used my email list to send my subscribers to my articles. However, only a small percentage of people who received my emails clicked the link and further read my articles.

In general, approximately 20-25% of my list opens my emails. Only about 4-7% click the link. 

Therefore, I was leaving a ton of potential connection on the table by not making the emails themselves valuable. 

Essentially, only the people who clicked the link got value. The people who didn't click the link opened the email, saw a link, and then closed the email.

No value.

No connection. 

No nurture.

No furthering of the relationship.

Given what I've seen Joe Polish do, and how that single strategy helped him recently get over 400 people to his last Genius Network Annual Event, I shifted my strategy and it's helped me immensely.

Key insight: If you already have an audience, give them some love. Sure, go chase other audiences. But you already have one sitting there waiting for you. Utilize them to the best of your ability. Serve them. Make it easy for them.

Like me, you're potentially missing tens of thousands of people, who you can easily reach with a simple shift.