The definition of the word prosper is to:

  • Succeed financially
  • Flourish physically, to grow strong and healthy

"Prosperity," is far more than money, when you really think of the word. There is so much more energy and fullness to it. 

Perhaps "Prosperity," more than "Success" is what we should be striving for. 

In the New York Times bestselling book, Prosper: Create the Life You Really Want, Ethan Willis and Randy Garn more fully help to define prosperity and provide three key steps to achieving it in our lives. 

Other Definitions of "Prosperity"

Willis and Garn have several personal and business coaching companies where they've trained tens of thousands of people on prosperity. Here are some of the definitions of prosperity they've gotten from their students:

  • A way of living and thinking, and not just having money or things.
  • Having the time and financial freedom to enjoy life at your own leisure.
  • Being in the flow, having what you need at the time you need it.
  • The ability to achieve personal growth and financial security without sacrificing family and health.
  • Not living paycheck to paycheck. Not having to worry about money for bills.
  • A blend of health, wealth, familial fulfillment and personal self-satisfaction blended correctly and in balance and harmony.
  • To be able to do what I want, when I want.
  • Making the best of what you have, accepting the physical conditions that you can't change while working toward good health, giving of yourself to family and friends, working with our community to help those in need, being true to your religion, with enough finances to live comfortably.
  • Being debt-free with the ability to pay cash for everything and to have cash available for emergency situations.
  • Living a rich life, one of love and compassion, wealth and complete joy, one of caring and sharing, filled with laughter and exploration. The joy of loving a child. Seeing the world and its wonders. To be able to do this in life is prosperity.
  • The ability to weather all storms of life--financial or physical--and to assist friends to cope with their struggles by financially coming alongside them and helping them rise above the tumult.

The themes Willis and Garn continually hear among their students is that prosperity embodies money, wealth, income, security, savings, health, family, and friends. They also mentioned that the word "Love" comes up a lot when people are discussing prosperity. It isn't just about wealth. You need to be balanced. You need to have deep and committed human relationships.

Moreover, there is a sense of service and giving, such as volunteering and community service, that is involved in conversations about prosperity. You prosper so you can help others, not just yourself. You prosper as a state of peace, where you can help others obtain peace as well. 

3 Keys To Prosperity

Willis and Garn define prosperity as follows:

"When you are happy, when you have enough money and are at peace with how you are earning that money, this leads to the sustainable state that we describe as prosperity."

For Willis and Garn, money is key to prosperity. But you have to earn that money in a way that resonates internally. Thus, happiness is also a key to prosperity. True and genuine happiness. And finally, sustainably is also crucial. If you're out of alignment with your core self, then you will seek money in unsustainable ways which ultimately wreaks havoc on your long-term happiness.

Thus, prosperity involves three things:

  1. Money: earned in a way that aligns with your inner self and values
  2. Happiness: which involves health, service, and other key relationships
  3. Sustainability: which is a method of making money that increases your health and well-being for the long-term


Personally, I enjoyed reading Prosper. The book was certainly a spiritually-based business book. However, whether you consider yourself "spiritual" or not, the principles in this book are helpful, proven, and common sense. 

Prosperity should be all of our goals. Being prosperous means you have a life worth living. It means your internal and external worlds are congruent. It means you have deep and loving relationships. It means you're making the world a better place and helping others prosper as well.