Mike Koenigs was on a flight from to South by South West when he heard an interesting conversation happening one row ahead of him.

"Do you know who that is a few rows ahead?" one whispered.

"No," the other replied.

"It's Richard Dreyfuss! The famous actor who was in Jaws and Mr. Holland's Opus!" the first one said excitedly.

Koenigs heard the two discussing how they could meet Dreyfuss. And he began to imagine how he himself could meet Dreyfuss as well.

But Koenigs didn't want to meet him unless he felt like he could provide value. Luckily for him, he'd been in this situation many times. And he had just the strategy for using situations like this to get access to rare people-- even billionaires.

First, he asked himself, "What could Dreyfuss want that I could offer?" Many famous and successful people have non-profits and other causes they support. So Koenigs did a quick Google search and found that Richard Dreyfuss indeed had an organization he had started. 


So Koenigs pulled out one of his copies of Publish and Profit, a book he wrote teaching people how to write a book and turn that book into a powerful business tool. While traveling, Koenigs always carries a few copies of his own books just in case opportunities like this arise.

He then wrote the following in the front of the book with a black Sharpie:

"Hi Mr. Dreyfus, I have an idea that will raise money and awareness for your organization."

He then put his name and information.

After the flight, Koenigs walked up to Richard Dreyfuss and simply said while handing him a copy of the book, "Mr. Dreyfuss, I have an idea that will raise money and awareness for your organization."

Dreyfuss turned to Koenigs immediately, with eyes wide and a big smile, and said, "CALL ME RICK!"

Koenigs then asked, "Have you written a book?"

Dreyfuss said, "No, I've wanted to for years. But I hurt my back and haven't been able to do it."

Turned out, the two were on the same connecting flight. So Dreyfuss convinced the stewardess to change their seats so they could sit next to each other and discuss on the connecting flight.

Two weeks later, Dreyfuss was at Koenigs' studio, being interviewed.

5 Other Reasons You Need A Book

 According to Koenigs, a properly named book is the fastest way to explain:

  • Who you are
  • What you do, and
  • Who you do it for

Your book is the perfect billboard, business card, and elevator speech which people can get "at a glance," and immediately. Again, it's all about the title positioning you, your work, and who it's for. 

Everyone wants to be understood. Having a properly positioned book does exactly that, and fast.

Not only that, but having a book positions you as a person of authority in your niche. It's the fastest and easiest way to get picked up for an interview on TV, a podcast, or the media. Your book is your "media hook."

According to Koenigs, "A properly structured book becomes your TED talk or platform speech."  Each chapter of the book can become a major bullet of your speeches from stage. It becomes the way to simplify and provide structure to how you communicate with your target audience.

How To Write Your Book In 48 Hours ("The 10 By 10 Content Creation Strategy")

Koenigs has this epic strategy for quickly writing a targeted and solid book in 48 hours or less. He himself has written 13 books, and 3 of them he used this method to write in 48 hours.

But this strategy also works for creating other types of products as well, whether that's an online course or other information tool. It's all about crafting the perfect message for the perfect audience.

Here's how it works:

Imagine your perfect customer, which could be defined as someone who:

  • Has money
  • Pays for your products
  • Implements your products
  • Gets the desired results
  • Keeps coming back for more
  • And brings other customers with them via word of mouth 

After you've imaged in that person, take 3 minutes to think of all the possible frequently asked questions (FAQ's) this person could have about your product or the work you do. In 3 minutes, you should be able to come up with at least 10 FAQ's.

Then, take 3 minutes and think about the top 10 questions your ideal customer SHOULD ask, such as, "What are the biggest mistakes people make?" Or "What are the 5 top tips for X, Y or Z?"

These top 10 questions should also position you as an expert. They should be the questions that when people ask you, they allow you and your knowledge and experience to really shine. 

In order to write an 80-100 page book, you need about 20-40 answers to such questions. These questions become chapters or sub-sections within chapters. 

So, all you need to do is spend 6-24 minutes coming up with as many questions as you can in the two categories Koenigs prescribes:

  1. FAQ's
  2. Questions people SHOULD ask you that position your knowledge and experience well (and that give them exactly what they SHOULD be looking for)

Once you've got these 20-40 questions and answers, you can audio record yourself saying each question and subsequent answer. Once you have the whole thing recorded, you can send the file to a voice translation or transcription service such as Rev.com.

Within 24 hours, you'll have back an initial file with all of your ideas. You can then pay an editor $1,000 to turn your messy thoughts into something clear, well-written, and very powerful. All of a sudden, you have a very solid first draft of your book!

Again, Koenigs has used this very process to go from idea to completed book in 48 hours. And he's done it 3 times. He takes these ideas even deeper in his book, Publish and Profit, the one he gave to Richard Dreyfus.


Many people have wanted to write a book for years. That may be you.

But when are you actually going to do it?

And what are you missing out on if you don't?

Koenigs has some pretty compelling strategies for using a book to get access to some of the rarest people in the world. I myself have used similar strategies with my own book.

Not only that, but you can actually get your book done in less than a week and never think about it again. At least the writing part of it. The book will then just become a powerful took to enhance your access and your business.

Don't delay. Use these strategies. Get it done. Publish.... then profit!