Shanda Sumpter is founder of HeartCore Business, a company that helps people improve their lives and businesses through in-person training events. According to Sumpter, HeartCore combines generosity and profits.

I met Sumpter two years ago and wanted to know how they've grown so fast. Two years ago, HeartCore was doing 7 events per year. Now they're doing 70 and continuing to grow rapidly.

Here's some of what Sumpter is doing:

Free In-Person Events

Three times per month, Sumpter leads a 2-day live event for around 300 people. Most of the audience has never heard of her before seeing her marketing and ads. 

Sumpter spends the full two days giving "everything I know about business." She doesn't hold anything back; doesn't water down the message or the strategies or resources. Instead, she gives everything she possibly can. 

During a lunch break at the event, people are told that if they want to attend, there will be a single opportunity to learn about ways they can work with HeartCore. That "pitch" lunch is optional and is not in the way of the actual training and event.

During that lunch, Sumpter makes unique offers at each event. The offers are unique for that given audience, situation, and whatever Sumpter is feeling in the moment. Giving the same offers over and over gets boring and is artificial from her perspective. 

Between 60-80% of the audience ends up becoming clients. But only because they've been blown away by the authenticity and generosity they've been given.

Generosity As The Fundamental Philosophy

Sumpter likes the book, The Go-Giver. She believes that life is fundamentally about what you can give, not what you can get. Business is about what you can give. Relationships are about what you can give. 

And you can never give too much. I was reminded of the quote from the book, The One Minute Millionaire:

"Giving as you get acknowledges the Universe as truly abundant. Giving taps into the spiritual dimension that multiplies us, our thinking, and our results.

The Enlightened Millionaire knows this: There is an ocean of abundance and one can tap into it with a teaspoon, a bucket, or a tractor trailer. The ocean doesn't care."

As a slightly different application of generosity, there is much to be said about giving generous donations of money. When you give, it upgrades your subconscious-- which elevates your belief that you can create and receive wealth. In the book, Thou Shall Prosper (the best book on money I've ever read), Rabbi Daniel Lapin states: 

"You have to feel that you deserve good things or else your subconscious might very well sabotage all your best efforts. If you don't truly feel that you deserve great financial success, then you are battling an almost insurmountable obstacle: your subconscious.

Giving regular gifts from your income to charity is one excellent way of once and for all, persuading your subconscious that you deserve what lies ahead. In this way, it will not only end its sabotage, it will begin actively to assistant in your quest."

Helping Others Sets Off A Chain Of Service

"Life gives to the giver and takes from the taker."--Joe Polish

Research shows that the desire to be generous is often the byproduct of having been the recipient of generosity oneself. Paying kindness forward--or "generalized reciprocity"--operates according to a simple maxim: "help anyone, if helped by someone." 

Therefore, when you're in a group of "givers," you become more generous yourself. In his book, Give and Take, Dr. Adam Grant found in his research that those who give intentionally are far more successful than those motivated by "taking." 


HeartCore Business has grown exponentially in the past two years with a focus on generosity and profits. Give, give, give and then do really good work. Make bold and unique offers. 

How generous are you?