Dave Asprey is the founder of Bulletproof, a fast-growth nutrition startup that has quickly altered much of pop culture around food.

For example, Dave is the guy who popularized the idea of putting butter in your coffee. He's a bio-hacker who lost over 100 pounds on a question to better leverage his brain and body. He has documented much of his learning in his prior books, which have been New York Times Bestsellers.  

However, I was lucky enough to bump into Dave at the Genius Network Annual Event last weekend and he told me I could get an advanced copy of his upcoming book, Game Changers: What Leaders, Innovators, and Mavericks Do to Win at Life. I was thrilled and stoked to get a head-start on the ideas and science in Asprey's research.

Similar to Tim Ferriss' recent books which detail the key insights gleaned from hundreds of podcast interviews, Game Changers is a very powerful reporting of the key insights from Dave Asprey's award-winning podcast, which has hundreds of millions of downloads and is one of the top podcasts in the world. 

Asprey had his 450 interviews statistically analyzed and found several compelling themes. The book is broken up into 3 parts: Smarter, Faster, Happier.

According to Asprey: 

Smarter comes first because everything else is easier when your brain reaches peak performance. Just a decade ago, most people believed that you couldn't actually get smarter. If you'd talked about taking nootropics--aka "smart drugs"--or upgrading your memory, people would have thought you were crazy. Trust me, I know. I included my use of smart drugs in my LinkedIn profile starting in 2000, and people literally laughed at me.

What's fascinating about Asprey is that he, like many others, is truly experimental. He toys with lots of supplements and ideas and is really intense about ensuring his ideas are based on the latest science. 

Regarding the second section of the book, Asprey says:

Next up is faster, a goal that humans have been striving for since the beginning of time. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, if you could light a fire in your cave faster, you won because you survived, and we haven't stopped working to be faster ever since. The laws in this part of the book will help you make your body more efficient so that you have as much mental and physical energy as possible for the things you want to do.

Finally, the third section of the book covers happiness, wherein Asprey explains:

It is only after you gain some control over your mind and body that you can become happier, and that's why this section comes last. It was amazing to learn how many game changers had some sort of practice to help them become more aware, centered, and grounded and how those practices led to a higher level of happiness. In huge numbers, they talked about meditating and using breathing techniques to find a state of peace and calm.


I will be digging deep into this book and writing a few articles detailing things I liked, disliked, agreed, and disagreed about this book. The great part about Dave Asprey, from what I've seen in his interviews and how he approaches his life and company, is that he's always searching deeper and deeper for the truth.

If you want to read a fascinating book about success in business, body, and life, then Game Changers is well worth putting on your list. 

Published on: Nov 5, 2018
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