Kevin Meuret is a single father with six kids. He's been an entrepreneur in the health industry for going on 20 years. However, five years ago, he had to shut down his company because Obamacare was making his life miserable.

He needed to make a shift.

So he thought about what he himself, a man in his 50's was dealing with. He needed testosterone. He also began interviewing many of his healthcare clients and realized that many of them were also middle-aged men who need to have all sorts of ambition but decreasing energy levels.

He saw an opportunity: Stay in the health care space. Maintain his clients. But pivot in a big way and become far more niched.

He started MANTALITY, a company that specializes in helping men increase their testosterone levels. 

Over the past 3 years, he's quickly grown MANTALITY into a thriving business.

Here's how he's done it:

  1. He ensured that the quality of his doctors was top of the line.
  2. He made the services as convenient as possible.

Being a single parent with six kids, Kevin doesn't have a lot of spare time. Neither do his clients. He doesn't have an hour to spend going to the doctor to get checked out. 

Neither do his clients.

They are busy. 

Life is busy.

One of the reasons men don't get the care they need is simply because it isn't convenient and easy. And because it's not convenient, it doesn't happen. As a result, people's dreams are put on hold and their lives are worse off.

And that's what business is all about. Making people's lives easier.

So Kevin removed all bars of entry. He removed all of the friction. He made the product completely digital so that men can do Skype interviews with doctors and take care of everything from their cell phones. Then, they can get their products in the mail.

It's fast and easy.

In a recent Generation Z panel at the 2018 Genius Network Annual Event, one of the things the panelists noted is that, in today's fast-paced world, people need to make their businesses more convenient. 

That's perhaps the number one thing most business owners are still struggling with. They need to make their whole process faster and easier. 

The rising generation has less commitment to particular brands and more commitment to ease of process and service.

Kevin Meuret's story is so great because, clearly, he understands his clients. He himself is his own client. He knows exactly what they want and struggle with. He also knew to make a high-quality product and to make it as quick and easy as possible.

How can you do likewise?

Published on: Dec 12, 2018
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