Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr are both serial entrepreneurs and famous online marketers. They are attempting something big. They want to create 200 business and make $100,000,000 in the next 12 months. 

Both Tai and Alex have built several successful businesses on the backs of Facebook Ads, which includes Instagram. The goal is to launch as many businesses as possible while using the marketing strategies and techniques they've used to grow their other businesses. 

In the midst of attempting to launch these 200ish businesses, the goal is to produce at least $100,0000,000 in the next 12 months using live digital events, such as webinars and Facebook Lives, Snapchat, and YouTube live events. 

The educational goal of doing this is to determine which businesses are profitable ideas to pursue. And Tai and Alex are willing to test hundreds of business concepts using their intense marketing strategies to weed-out which business ideas are useful and which aren't. 

This is where Liz Herrera comes in. Liz is an expert at Amazon selling as well live webinars delivered through places like YouTube, Facebook, etc. Liz is one of the founders of OMG Machines, which is one of the biggest online marketing masterminds in the world. 

What is Liz is going to do on this $100,000,000 project is build the funnels and host the live events (which are actually webinars). Here's how Liz is going to deploy her expertise to ensure this moonshot goal of $100,000,000 in the next 12 months succeeds (and what you can learn):

  • Deploy the top ad platforms available (which are Facebook, Snapchat, Google, and Instagram). The first step requires Tai to Snapchat about what's going on. Additionally, Alex and OMG Machines will start talking to the people on their email lists and social media to maximize free traffic. 
  • Then, re-targeting all of these people on their lists and social media is the next big strategy. The goal is omnipresence to the same audiences. If you're on one of these email or social media lists, you're going to see ads from Tai, Alex, and OMG Machines everywhere. Because you can take the information from one platform and plug it into the other platforms.
  • If you have omnipresence, you can increase your sales at least 10-fold, says Liz. According to Liz, pixels are the new email list. Because clients are receiving too many emails these days, you need to pixel your websites and landing pages so you can re-target these people on numerous platforms. This is more important than getting emails. To repeat, pixels are the new email list. 
  • Next, Liz will be advising Tai and Alex to ensure the fulfillment process is solid. Often, when people sell products, they don't think about the experience the customer will have from the moment they are marketed to all the way through the end of the experience. OMG Machines specifically specializes is customer experience and fulfillment. The goal of fulfillment is for people to feel like they've become a part of a community and to have the best possible experience with the product itself. Again, people forget this far too much. Some specific strategies to ensure fulfillment goes well are: 1) having a free Facebook group, 2) delivery of ongoing content on a weekly-basis , 3) having several "assistant" coaches or people on staff who are practitioners of the content of the product. So if you're selling a self-improvement product, you'll want people in the group who are assistants who serve as practitioners and coaches to guide the rest of the group.
  • Finally, Liz recommends that in order to be successful, you must be cheering on your community. The entrepreneurial lifestyle can be a lonely one if you allow it to be. So, you need to continually be cheering people on to pull them out of the loneliness trap. Liz says this may be the biggest one actually. 

These are core strategies that Liz will be helping Tai and Alex use as they strive to pull off the $100,000,000 launch over the next 12 months. This is the cutting-edge and world-class of selling digital and information products through social media.

You can use these strategies yourself. And if you want, you can watch as Tai, Alex, and OMG Machines attempt this never-before-done goal.