Larry King once said, "Nick Nanton is America's Biographer. He is the voice of a new generation." Nick is a 5-time Emmy Award winning film director. What's super interesting about Nick is that he creates really unique films that pull out important and life-changing lessons. Nick is a student and practitioner of success, and loves sharing wisdom and useful information with others. If you haven't seen a Nick Nanton film, then you are way out of the loop when it comes to the entrepreneurial and self-improvement spaces. 

I recently came across Nick's work and was led to the film about entrepreneurial legend, Dan Sullivan, who is the founder of Strategic Coach. The film is called, "Game Changer," and you can watch the full 50-minute documentary for free and without even needing to opt-in for anything.

Dan's core mission is to help entrepreneurs transform everything around them. In fact, he teaches entrepreneurs to have a huge 20-25 year vision in order to do that. 

Here are some Life-Changing Ideas I Got From The Film:


Dan trains his clients to look at time very differently than most people. In the film, Dan's life and business partner, Babs Smith, says, "He has a different way of looking at time. It helps people to be on their own time and not on the time the world tries to impose on them. 'This is your window!' 'You have to act now!' He's like, 'No you don't..." 

In a world that tells you to achieve all your goals in the next 30 days, Dan encourages his clients to set 25 year plans. When you have that much runway, you don't have to be stressed out, you can enjoy the process, and you can have confidence that you'll do something very important and meaningful.

I've had the pleasure of spending some time around Dan and I can attest that he lives this idea out in the real world. He plays the long-game. He doesn't force things to happen. He lets relationships, collaborations, and ideas naturally flow. He operates completely from an abundance mentality. There's no scarcity and no fear. Only complete trust in the process and in his intuition. 

There is a huge amount of relief that comes from removing the relentless pressure of time. When you can let ideas and relationships breath. When you can trust yourself and others to figure things out. Dan has an idea that true partnerships should operate with nothing more than a handshake, not a legal contract. Those are the types of relationships that function best in life and business-- where both parties are completely intrinsically motivated. 

Live To Be Over 150 Years Old

One other interesting notion of time that is portrayed in the film is an idea that came to Dan a few years back. He is an intense student of life, and noticed that life expectancy for most men is around 78 years old. Digging a little deeper, he realized that this formed a fixed-mindset in a lot of people, wherein they simply expected to stop functioning at high levels around that age.

Instead of operating with that set of rules, Dan decided he was going to live to be over 150 years old. Initially, he was scared to share that. But after 5 years of coming to believe he was going to live to age 156, he started telling people. Now, it is part of the curriculum at Strategic Coach to add 50 years to your own life. In the film, several of Dan's clients share the relief and excitement that adding 50 years to your own life brings. It opens a huge window of possibilities.

Always Make Your Future Bigger Than Your Past

In the film, it talks about Dan doing 50 pushups, at age 74, at one of his own meetings. His clients talk about how even though he is in his 70's, he feels and acts as though he's in his 30's. He has the energy of a 5 year old, and helps others have that same energy.

Why do 5 year olds have so much energy?

According to Dan, 5 year olds have infinite energy because they have an infinite future ahead of them.

How much future do you have ahead of you?

How much time do you spend in your past?

How much of your life is defined by your past?

And one of Dan's core philosophies is to always make your future bigger than your past. That's why time is so important to entrepreneurs. You need to believe you're working on something that will change everything around you. You need to be working on something that will take you 10 or 100 times bigger and farther than you've ever been before. 


This film is beautiful. If you're interested in self-improvement, entrepreneurship, or other interesting topics, Nick Nanton's films are second to none. This particular film about Dan Sullivan was so refreshing. As an entrepreneur, we all like to think that grinding is the way to succeed. Yet in the film, marketing legend Dean Jackson explains how Dan's ideas helped him realize that entrepreneurship is not about the grind, but about finding the easiest solution to the result you're seeking.

This film is totally worth it and totally free.