In 1994, Michael Fishman began a series of private dinners focused on health and high performance. These dinners started small. Over the years, they evolved into entire day events, then eventually 2 day events.

Now, the Consumer Health Summit (CHS) is a 3-day event where the top health and high performance experts and researchers meet once per year.

When I first heard about CHS, I was immediately intrigued, and not because I'm in the business of health and high performance. But because of how people described CHS to me.

First off, CHS is an annual 3-day meeting where the best minds in the industry meet. Previous speakers at the event include Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Dr. Sean Stephenson, Peter Moore, Joe Polish, and many others. You'll regularly see people like Dave Asprey  and JJ Virgin in attendance. 

Second, CHS is invite only. If Fishman doesn't invite you personally, you cannot come to the event. 

Those two facts alone are enough for anyone in the health and high performance industry to be interested. Many of the best minds are in attendance sharing the latest science, best practices, and collaborating at a very high level. And you cannot be there if Fishman doesn't invite you. 

Who wouldn't want to be there who is in the health and performance industry?

When I interviewed Fishman about CHS, he told me the reason he wanted CHS to be exclusive was to "create a playing field" where "advanced players" could be surrounded by other "advanced players" to create a highly unique and compelling environment. It is in such an environment that the best in their industry can expect to get new and profound breakthroughs, insights, and collaborations.

Aside from bringing in the leading voices in the space, Fishman is also always scouting for what he would call, "rising stars." He wants to continually introduce the newest and best ideas.

The Third reason CHS is so fascinating is the mystique about the event. Fishman himself is a man with a palpable spiritual energy about him. He's clearly brilliant but also incredibly compassionate. In the few instances I've been able to be around him, he makes deep and lasting eye contact. He speaks in a quiet, assured, and peaceful voice. Everything he does is extremely thoughtful. He brings this energy to his events. For example, none of the CHS speeches or experiences are recorded like at other events. According to Fishman, "The events go into the ether." So, even if you've been to a previous event, you wont be able to re-watch any of your favorite talks. Instead, you'll need to internalize the experience and allow it to be what it was. 

Fourthly, Fishman is very mindful of every detail about the environment and atmosphere he creates at CHS. He will only hold the event at the most beautiful locations. He only allows the best, most delicious, and healthiest catered foods to be served. The whole event is exotic and ridiculously high class. Combine that with the people and ideas in the room, in addition to the exclusive and mystique aura of the event and you've got a potent cocktail for something special. 

Fishman's goal for his attendees is: 1) for the experience to be "extraordinary, safe, and taken care," 2) for the "environment to be of incalculable value," 3) for the best tactics and strategies in the field to be shared, and 4) to create a community of ongoing relationships and support. For Fishman, CHS is not a mastermind, but a "Private Founder's Gathering."

A very, very important component of CHS, according to Fishman, is that you have a room of 90 people in a room who are not worried about what they can get, but what they can give. For Fishman, "It's important to curate both success on paper but also in the type of human you are." This is key to the culture Fishman seeks to create. You must be both brilliant and brilliantly kind and generous to be invited to his exclusive event. 


Fishman is not just a spectator or curator of talent. He has been advising top-level companies in the health and high performance industry for over 25 years. His knowledge and expertise are well-established. His unfair advantage, though, is his network and reputation, which in large part come from his CHS event.

Many business owners could learn a lot about business from how Fishman runs his event. First, every business owner should have good taste. They should hold themselves and their community to the highest possible standard. They should be very clear on the culture they want to create and the environment that fosters that culture. 

Fishman is very clear about his priorities and values, and he's become an absolute genius in creating an environment where those priorities and values penetrate and expand the minds of those at his event. 

Published on: Feb 3, 2018
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