Writing a book can be one of the smartest things you do for your career if you're a professional, CEO, or entrepreneur.

  • Having a book immediately positions you as an authority in your space.
  • It becomes your calling card.
  • It becomes the fastest, easiest, and most authoritative way to share your ideas and business with others. 

More and more successful professionals are realizing this. Most are also realizing that the purpose of these books is not to be "bestsellers" or to sell millions of copies. Instead, the purpose of these books are to powerfully speak to their niche audience, to get high-priced clients, or to position themselves or their business differently.

The goal of the book, then, isn't the book. But the business that comes from the book. 

Having a book that clearly funnels to a business is one of the smartest and fastest ways to grow that business.

If you're a business person who wants a book but has no time or no clue how to write a book, then there's only one book you need. There are literally hundreds of books about how to write a book. But I haven't found any as clearly written to the professional about the whole process of writing-- from the idea, to structure, to publishing, to marketing. 

The book I'm talking about is The Scribe Method: The Best Way to Write and Publish Your Non-Fiction Book. This book is co-authored by Tucker Max and Zach Obrant. Tucker has written 4 New York Times bestselling books which have sat on the bestseller lists for over 10 years, combined.

I was surprised by how much I learned reading this book. 

It is broken up into 8 parts:

  • Prepare to write your book
  • Position your book
  • Outline your book
  • Write your book
  • Edit your book
  • Finish your manuscript
  • Design and market your book
  • Publish your book

Over 90 percent of people want to write a book. Most of them never will. It's a beast of burden. It's a monumental task. 

I've written multiple books myself. I'm actually nearly finished writing with my second traditionally published book. To be completely honest, I was stuck in the writing and structuring process for almost a year before reading The Scribe Method

After I learned the Scribe process, it became very easy for me to finish my book. It was like a light switch flipped. I got my confidence back. I knew what I was doing wrong. As a result of learning this process, my second book is at least 10 times better than my first traditionally published book. 

As someone who has had my writing read by over 100 million people on the internet, I can honestly say that reading this book and learning this method changed my writing for the better. 

I feel really proud of what I've been able to learn and accomplish. 

If you are someone looking to write a book, check out The Scribe Method. It's an easy read and will answer most, if not all, of your questions.