As a writer, PhD student, and soon to be a father of 5 kids, I need focus. I think we all need focus in today's information and fast-paced world.

This need and desire for focus have led to an epidemic of caffeine consumption and addiction.

Although I don't have anything against caffeine, per say, I'm also interested in longevity and more healthier approaches to being focused, alert, and creative.

In my experimenting to be more focused and creative in my work, I've come across two really amazing supplements. Just to be up front, I have no affiliative relationships with either of these companies or manufacturers. 

I simply am a creative-type looking for an edge, and also looking to remain healthy and non-addicted.

Here are two products I've used in the last 90 days that have made the biggest impact on my focus. What I love about each of these is that they are both natural and non-stimulant based. 

BrainGLOW is a product of the health company, Barlow Herbal. It is an entirely herbal product optimized for preventing mental fatigue and providing superior mind-sharpening power. It supports the immune system and also has powerful antioxidant properties.

BrainGLOW contains:

  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Periwinkle
  • Water Hyssop
  • Ashwaganda
  • Gotu Kola
  • Chinese Ginseng
  • Schizandra berry
  • Skullcap 

I don't really know what all of those listed above herbs do. But there are amazing resources I've briefly scoped online. This is a solid product.

I've taken 2-6 capsules of this product daily for 90 days and have felt focused and creative. I've decreased my caffeine consumption as a result. I don't feel up and down mental highs and lows. I like that it's herbal.

B.LXR is a product of the company Beekeeper's Naturals, and is the caffeine-free, nootropic fuel designed to fight brain fog, hack productivity, and naturally support memory, focus, and energy.

Here are the ingredients:

  • Royal jelly (500mg)
  • bacopa monnieri plant extract (300mg)
  • ginkgo biloba leaf extract (400mg)
  • non-GMO vegetable glycerin
  • purified water

Unlike BrainGLOW which comes in capsules, B.LXR comes as a liquid in small vials. It's a bit more expensive as such but extremely powerful. 

I have taken B.LXR for 30 days and have seen huge amounts of focus and energy.


You don't necessarily need caffeine to keep you going.

There are other options out there which work and are, frankly, far more healthy.

What do you use?