Jared Kleinert recently released his second book, 3 Billion Under 30, which details the stories and strategies of some of the world's most successful Millennials, including:

  • MATT MULLENWEG: founded WordPress, a tool that powers over 26% of all websites on the Internet, and is CEO of Automattic, a billion dollar company.
  • KAREN CIVIL: is the the secret weapon that helped Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and other rappers rise to superstardom. Now, she's one of the most connected people in music.
  • SAIRA BLAIR: is the youngest person to be elected to federal office in US history, and began serving in West Virginia's House of Representatives at just 18 years old.

And many others...

Kleinert's book, like Tim Ferriss' recent Tools of Titans, is displaying the new model for developing projects and networks.

Both Ferriss and Kleinert have recently published books detailing the lives and best practices of world-class entrepreneurs, athletes, politicians, creatives, and more.

How did Kleinert Develop this Network?

Unlike Ferriss, who is already famous, and thus can attract seemingly anyone he wants to interview, Kleinert, isn't famous. Yet, he is extremely well connected.

When I asked him how he developed his network to write this book, he said, "Simple. Two steps."

Step 1: Be a good person.

Kleinert emphasized over and again the importance of being a good person and having high integrity.

"It's not about what I can get from relationships. It's about being genuinely interested in people and their stories. Then, doing all I can to provide value to them,"  he told me.

Actually learn about people. Like, their story. Their history and background. What actually matters to them.

Also, if you're at a party, he says, don't brush-off the people who don't seem interesting or "successful." Be interested in everyone.

Step 2: 80/20 analysis on who you spend time with

Kleinert is very conscious about who he spends time with. His objective in developing his growing network was to start with "super-connectors."

He initiates relationships with super-connectors by providing value to them. Once he establishes a solid relationship, he then has access to the super-connectors entire network.

He gave an example of a friend who is well-connected in the NBA. "Now, if I need to know anyone in the NBA, I'm set. Because I know the person who knows everyone in that space."