Every once and a while, your stumble upon someone awesome. Or, in this case, they stumble upon you.

Recently, I received an email from Cara Parrish. All the email said was, "I love your work. I want to help you succeed even more than you already are. I have no agenda. I love and respect what you do."

Surprised, I googled: Cara Parrish.

To my surprise, she had a huge online presence and profile. At the age of 28, she leads a team of 10 to help startups, personal brands, and even Fortune 5's experience "rapid growth."

I replied to the email: Um, yes please. Let's meet.

I jumped on her Calendar and a few days later, we were on the phone.

Instantly, I felt comfortable. The only thing she cared about was why I was doing what I was doing, and where I wanted things to go.

She asked me about my goals and ambitions to properly assess how she could help.

After hearing me out, she immediately began sharing contacts--friends and clients--who could help me further my vision and achieve my goals.

Taken aback, I wondered first, how this conversation happened, and second, what is this really about?

She assured me there were no ulterior motives. She assured me there wasn't. I believed her. Her confidence and sincerity were evident, and rare. Wow.

After hearing her game plan about how she could help me expand my reach, I wanted to know more about her! How did she get where she was? Obviously, she was doing very well. She had a rare confidence and kindness.

Clearly, she was an initiator, as she had reached out to me and was freely providing high value.

Humble as ever, she told me the story of how she fell into her line of work.

As a freshman in college, she started working for a company, "as a lacky." The person she worked with did a lot of marketing. Cara had no clue what she was doing. She had no experience. But she was an initiator. She pitched ideas. Asked questions. Made suggestions. Most of these were shut down. But she kept plugging.

She ended up working for the same guy for four years. By her senior year in college, she had fallen in love with marketing. Not only that, she had become good at it.

It was at this crucial junction that her boss decided to take his career and business a different direction. He was no longer interested in marketing, but wanted to pursue restaurants.

Yet, he still had lots of high profile marketing clients who needed him. When these clients found out he was done with marketing, they asked: Well, can't we just keep working with Cara?

Cara had been fully engaged with most, if not all, of the clients for years. They trusted her. They were willing to go all in on her. So, at the age of 22, and without really even wanting it, Cara inherited a successful marketing company with loads of high profile clients. She's since broken-off and created her own company. With her own style.

She continues to have the same curiosity and initiation that got her into this situation. It's how she met me and why I'm writing this article.

It's rare that you meet someone who genuinely wants to help you with no expectation of return.

Want to win at life? Do what you love. Do it your way. And continually reach out to people who inspire you and ask how you can help them. Connect people with others. Do brilliant work.

This is what Cara Parrish does. We can all learn a thing or two.

Published on: May 3, 2017
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