Draye Redfern is a 28-year-old entrepreneur, health nut, and adrenaline junkie from Austin, Texas. Draye is an expert who helps improve individual's and organization's marketing, management and customers engagement.

Draye has spoken at high level events, such as the Genius Network Annual Event, and taught powerful principles around what he calls, "Tangible Nurture."

According to Draye, tangible nurture makes the experience real for the customer, and leaves a far more profound impact on them.

However, most entrepreneurs don't spend enough time focusing on tangible nurture, but instead are focused on acquiring new leads. According to Draye, though, it costs 4 to 12X as much to acquire a new lead as it does to nurture existing clients. Hence, he's developed a comprehensive system for nurturing and continuing to provide on-going value to existing clients.

Firstly, Draye argues that entrepreneurs need to re-frame how they approach their business, and get back to the lost art of retention.

Most entrepreneurs have gotten seduced by the ease, cost, and automation of email marketing. This gives them the burn-and-churn attitude of seeing people as numbers.

Draye argues that other methods are far more powerful, where you see your clients as people, not numbers. And because you see them as people, you treat them as people.

You treat clients like people by making their experience incredible, even transformational. Business doesn't have to be purely about transaction. It can be so much more.

Draye recommends sending packages and personal letters to clients. He also recommends getting to know them personally, including small details like what sports team they like. If you knew a particular client liked the Dodgers, for example, you may go out of your way to buy them a Dodgers hat or something.

Anything to blow their minds and make them feel special.

It really doesn't take that much work. Just a different orientation toward your business.

Rather than trying to burn and churn through numbers, you're actually developing incredible relationships, which continue on-and-on. This is how you can get clients to continue coming back for more and increasing levels of value.

When you create this type of culture and fulfillment, you don't need to generate as many leads. Because the one's you have trust you. They love you and the experience they're having.

Another way Draye builds deep trust and commitment in his existing clients is by sending them his favorite books. He doesn't simply send them his own content, but stuff that has deeply impacted his life. In this way, he's sharing a real gift and not continually pointing his clients back to himself.

To make the customer experience even more personal though, Draye recommends not just buying a book on Amazon and sending it to a client. But getting a physical copy, writing a note with it, and sending it yourself. This small touch makes a huge difference. And it generates a deep sense of reciprocity in his clients. They want to stay.

How can you apply this philosophy to your business?