"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."?--?Napoleon Hill

When you can conceive a goal and you have deep reasons for achieving that goal, your next step is to believe in the vision.

You cannot believe in your vision without a thoughtful and strategic plan. For example, if you have the goal of making $10 Million Dollars but have never made more than $50,000 per year, then it doesn't matter how compelling your reasons are, you probably won't believe you can.

You may talk a really good talk. But deep down, you'll either be lying to yourself or naive to the reality of your situation.

Being naive isn't a bad thing. But in order to truly believe you can do something big, you need to get educated. You need context into what will really be required. And you need to start succeeding even in small ways toward your goals.

2-3 years is a really powerful span of time to make enormous progress toward a vision. In 2-3 years, you can become a millionaire. As Dean Graziosi once said, "I got to 10 million by saying 'Yes,' and I got to 100 million by saying, 'No.'"

The more clear you become on your target, the better equipped you'll become to find solutions. Having a 'WHY' isn't enough. You need 'HOW's' and 'WHO's' to help you achieve that vision.

If you don't have strategies and people and resources -- or ways to get resources -- then you won't be motivated and you won't achieve your goals.

If you have something you really want to do, it is your responsibility to get the game-plan in place. Robin Sharma has said, "The bigger the dream, the more important to the team."

In the incredible new book, Scale or Fail, Allison Maslan provides the following 5 Stage framework:

  • Stage 1 -- THE SEEKER: You rule and run the domain. In fact, you are the domain. You create, sell, implement, do and are responsible for everything.
  • Stage 2 -- THE PIONEER: You have one to a small handful of employees. You begin to delegate but are still approving everything that comes in and out of your company.
  • Stage 3 -- THE RINGLEADER: It can feel like a circus at times! You begin building small teams (e.g., admin, custom service, marketing). At this stage, you are really getting clear on your vision. You are leading team meetings and developing systems and processes. You're spread way too thin. People are still not clear on what their roles are.
  • Stage 4 -- THE CO-CREATOR: You begin to recruit or promote team leaders to co-create the solutions and brainstorm the new ideas and opportunities. Your people become just as committed as you to your vision and begin asking: How can we delight our customers? How can we innovate? How can we increase revenue?
  • Stage 5 -- THE VISIONARY: At this stage of the game, they don't need you. You have great people in place who are devoted and committed to the vision. You step back from meetings and stop providing your two cents. You let go of the day-to-day and focus exclusively on the big picture.

At each stage, you need a new game-plan. If you don't have the game-plan of going from Stage 1 to Stage 2, then you won't get there.

Lots of people imagine themselves at Stage 5 when they don't even know how to get out of Stage 1 or 2.

Whatever your goal is, you need to develop a plan. You need strategies to get from where you are to where you want to go. Once you ascend to a certain level, you'll need to re-define the WHY -- your reasons for what you're doing. They should get bigger and bigger along the way because if it continues to grow, it will involve increasing numbers of people. It will also impact increasing numbers of people through the work you do.

Without plans and people, you can't be motivated. You can't achieve big goals. Having a WHY is not enough. You need HOW's and WHO's. Or as Dan Sullivan puts it, you need WHO's to take care of the HOW's.