"You picked up this book because your head aches, your heart aches, and your stomach aches. Day in and day out you regret what you do and for whom you do it. Deep down, you know you have more to contribute to the world. You see the signs in your coworkers and neighbors: the glazed-over eyes and heavy feet of drudgery. YOU'RE NOT ALONE."

Those are the first words you will read in the latest book by New York Times Bestselling Author, Joe Mechlinski. This new book is called Shift the Work: The Revolutionary Science of Moving From Apathetic to All in Using Your Head, Heart and Gut.

The book is jam-packed with science from multiple fields, focusing on neuroscience, psychology, and biology. The purpose of this book is to answer the riddle between engagement at work and engagement with life. 

Mechlinski doesn't just want you to be engaged at work, he wants your whole brain and body to be engaged at their highest level. He forces you to not only become a better thinker, but to become healthier-- literally. If you do not get your brain and gut functioning properly, then you're in trouble. You won't be effective at work or life.

Additionally, he engages your heart, forcing you to ask big questions and tapping into your deep intuitive and spiritual sides. If you haven't shifted your brain, heart, and gut, then you're a mess.

It is your responsibility right here and now to get your life in order. How you treat your body is a reflection of how much you love yourself. Learning the language of your own heart and soul is your highest obligation. 

From the book come the following three excerpts:


This is what you automatically think of when you hear the word, "brain." Your head brain has 86 billion neurons, the cells that process and transmit information. It's where synapses, electrical impulses, and hormones talk to each other, which is what allows for consciousness and awareness. Most importantly, it's what gives you the ability to identify patterns and make sense of the world.


Yep, your heart has a brain, too. Your heart houses more than 39 million neurons. It's not nearly as many as the head, but it fills this gap with generating the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The heart sends as many messages to the head brain as it receives. Researchers in the field of energy cardiology have discovered that your heart creates thinking hormones similar to the type created in the head brain.


Your gut brain consists of two nerve centers called the myenteric and the submucosal, which have approximately 100 million neurons. This is more than the spinal cord. The gut produces 70 percent of the hormone cortisol, which is released during stressful periods to regulate metabolism, control blood pressure, and assist with memory formulation. This gut brain is also responsible for processing information during sleep. 70 percent of serotonin--the neurotransmitter responsible for relaying signals across the brain to help you think clearer--is produced in the gut.


According to Mechlinski, "When you learn to listen to all three brains something remarkable happens: you go all in on life."

And that's really the purpose of the book. To go ALL IN and hold nothing back ever again.

As someone who reads a few books per week and regularly writes about the books I read, this book was refreshing, raw, scientific, and powerful. 

Being completely engaged and doing your best work is fundamental to your purpose in life. Mechlinski's book, Shift The Work, explains how to really get engaged, which requires a holistic and extremely honest approach.