Alex Moscow is the founder of Congruent Coach, a company that specializes in helping life and business coaches/consultants improve the quality of their messaging, pricing, and impact.

Specifically, Alex helps people become far more clear on who they are, what they offer, and how they offer.

Even more specifically, he helps coaches up their mental game and internal congruence so they can go big. He helps people go from charging a few hundred bucks per hour to getting clients at over 6-figures.

Alex himself charges over $100,000 to work with him, one-on-one. And people do it.

As an example: Matthew and Amanda were relationship coaches who were doing individual coaching for $347. They were burning out and came to Alex to figure out how they could create more value and earn more money. All Alex had to do was help them craft a high-end offer, because, literally, their client's wanted more from them. Yet, Matthew and Amanda had yet to, 1) up their mindset and vision, 2) align their value with their vision, 3) have the confidence and structure to provide a higher-level experience for their clients. 

After crafting the new offer for the same 10 clients who were paying them $347, who "didn't have the money to go bigger," even though they wanted to, Matthew and Amanda did $19,000 of sales in 9 days.

These are the types of experiences you need to have as a coach to raise your confidence, vision, and desire to create value. 

Alex calls these 3-D moments that upgrade your mindset. 

Alex further says, "No one has the money, until they do. When the value is there, people will move mountains to get what they want."

The problem is: most people don't provide the value and the vision. 

That's the job of a coach: to create a valuable enough offer than gets prospective clients emotionally "enrolled." Once they become enrolled, they will find the money. They'll do whatever it takes. 

Planting vision and clear value is your job. Don't be afraid to charge high dollar. That's your job and it will transform both you and your clients.

On a personal level:

Here's what fascinates me about Alex.

For the longest time, most of his life, he has had a stutter. That stutter was a huge burden for him. It held him back in many ways.

Until it didn't. He decided to become a successful speak and coach regardless of his stutter. He achieved all of his dreams with a stutter.

He's helped other people realize they have no excuse. 

But now, he's decided to go much bigger than just achieve his own dreams. As a result, he decided to put his stutter in his past. It's no longer a part of his identity and story. Now, he's taking the entire coaching industry by storm.

He believes the coaching industry is ready for a make-over. It's filled with jargon and hype and lots of incongruences. People in the coaching world rarely practice what they preach. In reality, most coaches are trapped in a story that is limiting themselves and their clients.

The best coaches charge the highest fees.

If you want to become more congruent, think bigger and clearer for yourself. Go bigger.

The more you charge, the bigger and more powerful you'll show up, and the bigger and more powerful you'll invite others to show up. 

It becomes a win-win synergy that transforms everyone involved. And really, that's what coaching is intended to be.