The U.S. spends an estimated $201 billion on mental illness, including anxiety, depression and stress, making it among the costliest health conditions in the country. Almost half of us will experience symptoms of these conditions in our lifetime.

Mental health impacts all demographics, from high-powered executives to factory workers. Employers need to recognize this and make mental health a major priority for their workforce.

Mental health is a huge market. And until now, no one has sufficiently attempted to disrupt the mental health space. BetterHelp is doing something very interesting and important for those of us interested in mental health. As a psychologist, I'm heavily interested in what is going on in this space. As an entrepreneur, I am often in need of a good counseling session due to the stress and strain of my work. 

BetterHelp has made mental health easy like Uber made travel easy and accessible. Actually, it's more like eHarmoney for licensed therapists. All you need to do is go through a questionnaire that connects you to the right counselor for you. Then you essentially get unlimited therapy each month for approximately $200/ month.

Currently, there are over 2,000 licensed therapists and counselors in this new system.  These therapists handle issues ranging from anxiety, depression, addiction, grief, eating disorders, self-esteem issues, relationship challenges, anger management, trauma, stress, LGBTQ challenges, parenting, etc.

This new system is cool for a number of reasons.

1. You Need To Find A Counselor That Matches Your Value-System

Very few people realize that the value-system of the therapist has huge implications. If you're a Christian, you should probably have a Christian counselor. If you're agnositc, you probably should have an agnostic counselor. The belief system of the counselor influences the types of therapies and techniques they use, and their assumptions behind those techniques.

BetterHelp ensures that not only are you matched a licensed counselor who is an expert at what you're dealing with, but they also ensure that that counselor matches your value-system so that therapy doesn't cause more harm than good. 

2. This Makes Working As A Therapist Far More Powerful

When I was getting my Bachelor's in psychology, I was told by my professors that being a counselor doesn't allow you a great deal of money, especially in the beginning. The reason is simple: you often have to have your own brick and mortar. You have to have a place where people can come in and sit on your couch. 

Not anymore. Now, you can get matched up with someone and do counseling to the right patients via technology. This is essentially what is happening in the education space. It's no longer becoming necessary to go to class in order to get an education. You can get educated and mentored online. 

Now, therapy is the same way. And it's even more powerful because you now have access to counselors all over the world rather than in your hometown. 

3. Getting Therapy Is A Strength, Not A Weakness

For some strange reason, there is a negative connotation to receiving mental health counseling. Here's the reality: we all need it at some point or another. And in our overly-stimulated world, most of us probably need it right now. The world is becoming increasingly high-paced and stressful. 

If you or someone you know needs counseling, don't wait. Get counseling. This is a serious issue. 

Most people try to solve their problems through WILLPOWER. They try to fight silent battles until eventually, it becomes so bad and they need someone else to intercede on their behalf. Rather than waiting for things to get so out of control that a person's life is in serious jeopardy, it's better to get help right now. 

No one should ever have to suffer alone. 

Conclusion: How Can You Apply This To Your Industry?

What BetterHelp is doing for Mental Health can also be done in practically any other industry.

It just takes innovative and often lateral approaches.

You've got to think about it this way: How can you serve both the clients and the professionals at the same time?

How can you make it a win-win?

How can you make it easier to match a person's needs with the right product or service?