People hire someone to film an event, such as a wedding, family get-together, or commercial for a number of reasons.

However, it's not enough anymore to have a family video or a well-filmed commercial. Marketing and how people consume information has changed. People increasingly want authentic and "real" content. That includes video--which is why Facebook video and other live forms of video streaming have taken off.

Garrett Despain, owner of Garydee Films, specializes in a unique form of videography. He's all about capturing people "in the moment," as though they aren't being filmed at all.

For example, he recently documented a family member blissing-out while fly fishing. "Capturing people living out their passion is my passion," Despain says.

Capturing natural moments in a less scripted fashion is where videography is going. It's changing how people shoot weddings and even family vacations. Hence, Despain enjoys traveling with people and documenting their experiences in a raw yet professional way.

However, Despain doesn't simply act as a covert fly on the wall. "A problem many people have when hiring a videographer is their concern that the video won't come out as they imagined," Despain said. "Unfortunately, this leads people to hire lower quality videographers to save money. They aren't sure they'll get what they want anyways."

Despain seems tapped-in to what psychologists have been talking about for decades. You can't actually be an invisible fly on the wall, no matter how hard you try. Actually, it is often the videographer's presence that stresses people out. As a result, Despain sees it as his role to reshape the environment, allowing his clients to feel at ease, even excited about what's going on.

Again, it's all about organic moments. People, families, and organizations living their passion and creating memories.

Take away: You can hire professional videographers to go on vacation with you, become part of your family, and create a highly professional and "natural" video that doesn't feel scripted or weird. Organizations can and should be hiring videographers to be in-house filming natural moments.

This is the new way to do video. It's the most effective way in the Millennial and information era.