Dan Sullivan is the founder of Strategic Coach, the premier entrepreneurial coaching program in the world.

After over 30 years of coaching tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, Dan discovered a fundamental and important question all entrepreneurs must answer.

"Who do you want to be a hero to?"

That's the question.

Think about it.

Who do you really want to be a hero to?

The answer to that question should immediately clarify who you are serving as an entrepreneur. The answer to that question should also immediately clarify who you are not to spend your time trying to serve. 

Dan argues that Trump won the presidency because he knew exactly who he wanted to be a hero to. Trump's interest was the blue-collar workers throughout America whose voice had become silenced by the mainstream media. 

Whether you agree with Trump or not, he was able to speak the language of a specific population of people. They felt heard and understood by him. They cast their vote. Many were shocked by what occurred. 

When you know who you want to be a hero to, then they become your focus. You stop jockeying for position. You stop wasting time and attention on things that don't truly move the dial.

You simply get to truly know your audience. You do all that you can to help them. And you become a living hero to those people. 

This is what entrepreneurs have the opportunity to do. Unlike workers in a bureaucracy, where the goal is to have zero heroes, entrepreneurs can truly solve important and meaningful problems. 

Who do you want to be a hero to?

How well are you doing with that?

How much attention are you giving to the needs of your audience?

How much applause are you getting from your audience?

Dan believes that "applause" is what keeps an entrepreneur alive. "The best place to die is on the stage, giving your best performance," he has said. 

Are you regularly getting applause from the people you want to be a hero to?

Are you regularly giving your best work to those who truly want and need it?

Your stage is the connection between you and your audience. Will you die on that stage? Is your audience your true purpose and obsession? Do you truly want to help them? Will you dedicate your time and attention to their outcomes and needs?

If so, then you will, without question, become a hero.