One of the keys to 10x success is unique collaborations. You need to work with a diverse group of experts.

When it comes to Facebook Ads, Kory Kahley is one of the best. He's been able to consistently turn one dollar into two, three, and four dollars when it comes to digital products and services. He's managed profitable Facebook campaigns from t-shirts to digital courses.

Recently, Kory taught me some of his "Must-Have's" for creating profitable Facebook Ads. Currently, I'm in the midst of doing some huge campaigns, so I'm grateful for what he taught me.

Here are the five:

1. Understand Your Audience

You must get good at researching your audience.

You do this by knowing the magazines your audience reads, the websites they go to, the subscriptions they are subscribed to, the stores they shop at, the books they read.

You want to know everything you can about your audience.

If you can close your eyes and put yourself in the shoes of your prospect, you can reverse engineer your marketing. You need to put away all of your beliefs. You need to stand in your prospect's shoes.

Lots of marketers will tell you to do this. But according to Kory, you need to actually do this. You need to close your eyes, and feel what it would feel like to be your prospect. You must throw away your biased opinions and beliefs and you can get "crazy perspectives about your target audience."

2. Match Your Offer with Your Audience

If you do your research right, that shouldn't be too hard. A good offer requires people who are passionate. If you're running Facebook Ads, for example, you should be sending that ad to people who are passionate about something.

For example, if you have an ad for people who love fishing, it will get them excited, because they love fishing.

3. Develop Killer Copy Writing

No one wants to click or read something that isn't interesting.

Use bold words.

Use interesting words.

Use words that evoke emotions.

Words are a way of capturing people and making things interesting.

According to Kory, a bad example of copy is: "Get my free eBook, it will help you get results."

Here's a good example of copy: "Get my free eBook on these 5-proven steps that will help you get results in 60 days or less."

Obviously, his examples are broad. However, they prove the point. One statement leaves you feeling bored, open, and unsure. The other statement gives you positive expectancy and has you feeling like you will achieve something in a certain amount of time.

People move on the premise that they can do something. They need to believe they can do something.

4. Have An Unforgettable Image or Video

No one talks about what they can't remember. If you want people to talk about, or even think about your ads, you need to stick out.

The average person sees over 20,000 advertisements per day.

According to Kory, you shouldn't look like everyone else. Do something that sticks out.

If you did a Facebook Ad, it should stick out. For example, Billy Jean's current YouTube ad gets stuck in lots of people's heads.

It's emotional and real. It's not fake. But it's also different. It gives people a positive expectancy. In other words, the image, copy, and video needs to create a feeling of confidence in the viewer. They need to get excited so they will then go and do what you've invited them to do.

5. Being Able To Understand Your Data and Optimize It

The first 72 hours, marketers will run Facebook ads at the same place. In other words, when you start a new ad, you start at ground zero. However, after those first 72 hours, good marketers will take their data and learn from it.

This is akin to "Deliberate Practice" among athletes. You need to know how you're doing. You need to know your weaknesses so you can adjust.

If you've done Step 1 right on this list, then you'll be better off.

For example, you should look at different demographics. Age. Gender. Location. How are these different demographics doing? If you're trying to beach towels, you shouldn't target people in Colorado.


In today's digital world, everyone is a marketer. This is a skill you can get completely good at. These five steps will help.