According to Joe Polish, the founder of Genius Network, "I believe Jason Fladlien is the best webinar presenter on the planet. Not only that, I'd put him in the top five marketers currently living."

Jason Fladlien is the founder of Rapid Crush Inc., which is a digital sales and marketing services firm with over a century of combined marketing & business management expertise.

Fladlien is considered by many to be the "top webinar guy" in the world. Many famed online marketers like Russell Brunson as well as thousands of others use Fladlien's strategies.

He just came out with a new book, which is a goldmine if you want to become an expert at selling products online. It's called, One to Many: The Secret to Webinar Success.

I have ran successful webinars myself. However, after reading this book, I felt like my eyes were made open. Fladlien's strategies and concepts are extremely simple, useful, and revolutionary. 

Here are just a few:

  • Having clearly defined outcomes for yourself, as far as what you want to get out of the webinar
  • Having clearly defined outcomes for your clients or prospective clients, as far as what they are getting for being at the webinar and what is possible through the sale
  • Making everything a step-by-step process so the viewer feels like it is simple and do-able
  • Creating criteria for "successful" people or "those in the know" to make your viewers feel special
  • Powerfully creating context so the viewer/client knows what they're getting into and why it's important (providing good news and bad news right up front)
  • Creating a compelling vision for your client's future (as Wayne Dyer flipped the common phrase, "I'll believe it when I see it," to "I'll see it when I believe it.")
  • Adding "micro-commitments" to get your audience saying "yes" quickly and often (you want to get as many yeses and you can before you ask for a yes) to questions like "Make sense?" and "Right?"
  • The "transition formula" for going from teaching to selling (start with a 60-second recap)
  • Give your reader two choices (succeed or stay where they are)
  • Closing like a master (such as "stair-stepping down to the ridiculous" to amplify the feeling of the deal being over-the-top amazing)
  • Providing insane bonuses that directly answer the most common questions or concerns
  • Having a clear guarantee is not always the answer anymore because people have been conditioned to get refunds from Amazon


There's lots lots more. If you want to make millions of dollars via webinars, this is the best book on the market. It's brand new, and it's from arguably the smartest strategist and marketer alive on the subject.