Having a hard time staying productive? You could try deleting Instagram. Or you could follow these accounts featuring inspiring workplaces, quotes, and strategies for tips and tricks to boost your productivity.

Looking to ramp up your mindfulness and productivity? People go crazy for the part to-do list, part diary bullet journal method, created by Brooklyn-based Ryder Carroll five years ago. All you need is a notebook and a pen to get started. Follow the official @bulletjournal account to see how the best of the best put their bullet journals into practice.

Another popular daily planner for goal setters and go-getters is the @gettoworkbook. It was thoughtfully designed by Elise Blaha Cripe to help you accomplish big things, one day at a time. Prompts include weekly action items and monthly reflection and goal setting.

Follow @showmeyourplanner to oogle other people's planners and steal their ideas for designing yours.

One of the most popular note taking apps has a productivity-inspiring Instagram account. Follow @evernote for tips and tricks to better design your to-do lists. Check out their light-hearted productivity cartoons for a pick-me-up.

Science says surrounding yourself with nature improves productivity. Even a short walk around the block. But that's not always a reality. Follow @nationalparkservice to get a digital dose of nature, which features photos from national parks all across the United States.

Coffee = productivity fuel. @coffeeshots features artistic, Instagram-worthy shots of coffee galore. Drink up.

Design your workspace for peak productivity. Follow @minimalsetups for ideas.

For more workspace inspiration follow @cloudpeeps, which features individual workspaces, cool coworking spaces and drool-worthy destinations you could maybe one day work from if you would just get to work already.

Many successful people tend to be epic readers because they're constant learners. If you find it hard to find time to crack open a book, follow @celinereads for a gentle nudge. Seeing her artfully styled still lifes of books might encourage you to read more.

@timferriss is one of the world's top productivity bloggers and the author of the 4-Hour Workweek. He posts advice, behind-the-scenes shots of his extremely productive life (underwater weight lifting anyone?) and new podcast episodes.