If you meme it, they will come. Apple CEO Tim Cook likely didn't intend to turn himself into a meme when he unveiled the new iPad Mini, but that's what happened.

Cook's tweet featured a photo of him writing "hello" with an Apple Pencil on the new iPad mini.

No one seemed to really care about the iPad itself. Instead, the internet was off to the races, Photoshopping various images and phrases on the device. Many poked fun at recent Apple headlines. "I'm Tim Apple" one doctored photo read, a callback to when Tim Cook briefly changed his display Twitter name and the hashtag #TimApple was trending. Another featured a sketch of Elon Musk. Others Photoshopped Cook drawing crude sketches or playing games on the iPad Mini.

So how did Cook respond? He outmemed them all.

Just days later, Apple had yet another product to release: their new-and-improved AirPods, their wireheads headphones. So Cook created the ultimate meme to broadcast to the world the arrival of AirPods 2.0.

He tweeted almost exactly the same image -- him writing on an iPad mini with an Apple Pencil -- but this time it's a sketch of AirPods. And, he's wearing AirPods.

In addition to his superhuman ability to wake up at 4 a.m. and be wildly productive, Tim Cook has a sense a humor, too.

Apple's official news release about the AirPods boasts voice-activated Siri access and up to 50 percent more talk time compared to first generation AirPods. These look the same as the earlier version of the AirPods, and they have the same $159 price tag. A pricier $199 version will include a wireless charging case.