Chelsea Handler has five jobs.

As a talk show host, author, producer, comedian and activist, she's got a lot on her plate. Handler is also an entrepreneur, and is no stranger to the Silicon Valley hustle. In her docu-series Chelsea Does, Handler dedicated an episode to the trials and tribulations of launching her own app. (It's called Gotta Go and texts you made-up excuses you can use to get out of awkward situations.)

So what's her life like behind the scenes? In an interview with Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington's new(ish) media company, Chelsea Handler shares how she manages her time and particularly how she spends her mornings.

Step 1: Wake up and leave bedroom. Step 2: Go downstairs and take out the dogs. And then, before she hops in the shower, she spends 20 minutes every morning reading. Handler says it's her secret life hack.

Handler's not the only successful businessperson who carves out time to read daily.

Bill Gates is a voracious reader and regularly publishes book recommendations on his blog. His 2017 summer reading list includes Born a Crime by Trevor Noah and The Heart by Maylis de Kerangal. Elon Musk is an avid reader, too. He says he learned enough about rockets to start SpaceX by reading a whole lot of books.

The average CEO allegedly reads four to five books a month. The typical American reads that many in a year, according to Pew Research Center. Many CEOs have highly structured days because they have so many demands on their time. Here's how even some of the busiest entrepreneurs manage to find time to read.

Incorporate reading into your routine. Handler reads for 20 minutes every morning. It's part of her routine, sandwiched between letting out the dogs and taking a shower. She's less likely to skip it because it's something she does daily.

Try audiobooks. Listening to audiobooks isn't cheating. You reap the same benefits. Listen to books on your commute, walking the dog or while doing chores.

Keep a book with you always. There will inevitably be dead spots in your day where you can sneak a few minutes of reading. This may occur while you're waiting to check out at the store or when someone's running late for meeting. Instead of whipping out your smartphone, whip out a book.

Cut the cord. Ever notice how much leisure time you spend behind screens? The average American spends 608 hours on social media and 1,642 hours watching TV each year. If you reduced that just by half, you could read plenty.