Ikea has officially moved beyond cheap bed frames and bookcases. The world's largest furniture retailer has emerged as a clever, design-forward, and innovative brand that Millennials can't get enough of. Think of the company's brilliant response to the $2,145 luxury handbag whose design ripped off their iconic 99-cent blue shopping totes. Then they created this heartwarming ad about it.

Ikea's been rolling out all sorts of different products, too. There's the flatpack bike and the futuristic countertop hydroponic garden. Now, they've got a new ad campaign spreading the word about their iPhone-compatible wireless charging appliances, which include lamps, nightstands, and table-top charging stations.

Of course, Ikea is not the first to create wireless charging stations or devices. That's old news. Ikea unveiled this magic furniture more than two years ago. What's brilliant is Ikea's move to capitalize on the new iPhone buzz to bring these top-of-mind. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X are the first in the Apple product line to support third-party wireless charging. So Ikea and Acne, their agency of record, decided to make it known that they had the perfect accessory for your new $1,000 phone.

Notice the words Apple and iPhone are not used once. They don't need to be. The ads brilliantly tap into the you-know-it's-Apple-when-you-see-it aesthetic, language, and minimal design.

By simply switching up a few letters--"This changes everything" becomes "This charges everything," for example--Ikea pays homage to Apple, brings a fun twist to the brand's overly serious tone, and makes it instantly known that these Ikea products are perfect companions to charge your new iPhone.