Simple, practical, and inexpensive. Ikea's at it again with a new product for the masses, one that might give the Billy bookcase a run for its money.

Ikea is getting into the hydroponics game and wants you to hop on board. Thanks to its soon-to-be-released Krydda/Växer series, you'll be able to grow plants inside without one grain of soil. (Hat tip to Fast Company for spotting this.) You don't even need to know much about the science behind hydroponics to bring the magic of growing delicious plants into your own home. All you need are seeds, water, and the kit. Just add water, light, and love.

Starting in April, you'll be able to purchase Ikea's indoor gardening kit. The countertop kit promises to be a foolproof method for growing lettuce and herbs year-round. Developed in collaboration with agricultural scientists, the multistep process for planting, growing, and harvesting your own greens promises to be so ridiculously straightforward that anyone can do it. "The challenge was to make growing plants in a hydroponics system simple, so that anyone could succeed," Helena Karlén from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences says on Ikea's site.

Since it's not yet released, there's no word yet on how much the kit will cost.

Why indoor gardening makes sense for Ikea.

When you hear about innovative companies leveraging hydroponics systems, you might first think of  marijuana growers or urban farms. It might seem unlikely that the global company that produces the most popular home catalog on the planet would have any interest in pursuing a consumer hydroponics product.

But in fact this little indoor gardening kit aligns perfectly with the core values that drive every new product decision at Ikea. First and foremost, Ikea is a champion of democratic design, meaning quality design should be accessible to many. More specifically, Ikea defines this as "form, function, quality, sustainability, and a low price." A successful at-home hydroponics setup typically requires a vast amount of mind-boggling knowledge. Not with the Krydda/Växer kit. In true Ikea fashion, it has designed the setup and maintenance to be simple enough for almost anyone. Plus, the system promises to produce lettuce and herbs even in the dead of winter, meaning you don't need to live in an ideal environment for growing vegetables.

Ikea also prides itself on developing products that create solutions for little spaces. A small, tabletop growing kit is perfect for an apartment dweller in an urban area who doesn't have the space to grow a garden outdoors.