Ikea recently challenged us to think about how soulless work has become. Now the Swedish furniture retailer wants to help liven up childhood, too.

It's not easy being a kid today. In a success-driven world that demands brag-worthy achievements at every age and stage, childhood sometimes feels like it's lost its magic. It's leading to over-scheduled, stressed-out kids. Parents and children alike are feeling the pressure.

The remedy? Ikea want us all to embrace the pure simple joy of play. Their new collection of deliberately whimsical toys is designed to help kids (and their parents) do just that.

Playing for the pure fun of it

Coming October 2018, Ikea's limited edition Lustigt collection is a curious hodgepodge of toys. Items include a giant plush red hand, a paint roller, and a jump rope. Other toys are are more arts-and-crafts focused, such as big roll of coloring paper and a loom.

All are simple and in many ways inspire a feeling of nostalgia for a simpler time. There's nothing to plug in, and no screens. None of these toys or games will teach your child how to code. So what will kids accomplish by playing with them? Well, nothing. That's not the point. The only purpose of the toys is inspire a love of play.

"In a time when both children and adults live a rather stressful existence, play involves undemanding moments when nobody needs to prove anything," says Amanda Lundqvist from Ikea's communication team.

That's not to say these are pointless toys and games. Getting lost in play is a worthwhile pursuit, and one that sparks creativity and imagination.

Not just for kids

From the promos Ikea just released to showcase the Lustigt collection, it's clear these aren't just for kids. Parents are encouraged to get in on the fun, too.

Both promos introduce the toys with the parents enjoying them. A dad jumps rope with his daughter. A mom colors with her son in a room completed covered in Lustigt coloring paper. A phone buzzes on a table, but it's not getting answered anytime soon -- it's wrapped in coloring paper.

The Ikea Lustigt collection is targeted at kids starting age six, but can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Get ready to jump for joy.

Published on: Sep 10, 2018
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