Most tech CEOs have a laptop nearby at all times. Not Jack Dorsey. The CEO of Twitter and Square doesn't even own a computer -- not at work, and not at home.

In an interview with BNN Bloomberg, Dorsey explains why he got rid of his computer and iPad five years ago. He exclusively uses an iPhone X. Limiting himself to a single device gives him more freedom and focus. This is ironic coming from the creator of Twitter, one of the best procrastination apps ever.

Minimizing distractions

Notifications suck your attention and scream, "Look at me!" Science has found notifications are pretty terrible and very quickly turn our phones into attention-hungry monsters.

Dorsey is one of many who's joined Team No Notifications. He's turned them all off.

Even if your phone isn't your only device like Dorsey, it's a good idea to turn those annoying notifications off. Or put it in airplane mode, as Tim Ferriss does for 80 percent of the day.

Unchaining yourself from notifications allows you to decide when and how you want to use your phone. Not the other way around.

Focusing on one thing at once

Using an iPhone for everything forces him to only use one app at a time. "I can really focus on what I'm doing, and there's no distraction whatsoever," he says.

Instead of having multiple tabs open as you would on a computer and trying to multitask, Dorsey is a big fan of mono-tasking. Which is smart. Research suggests multitasking slows down our brains and hinders productivity.

Everything in one place

Say you've got a file saved in on your computer, or a password that's auto-saved on your phone. It can be a pain when you switch to a different device and need to access those things.

Dorsey's found that scaling down to one device keeps things simple. He doesn't have to bounce between devices, and the iPhone is obviously very portable. "Everything I need is always with me at any one point," he says.

Freedom to walk away

His iPhone not only gives him focus, but also freedom. One of Dorsey's favorite "features" of his phone is that he can put it down and walk away from it.

This isn't the first time Dorsey has endorsed stepping away from tech to clear his head. He's been practicing meditation for years recently tweeted about his experience on a 10-day silent meditation retreat. (Though he kinda missed the entire point, Quartz points out, because he was all about measuring how successful it was.)

Dorsey can ditch his computer, but everyone can't

Now that he's the CEO of two major tech companies, Dorsey doesn't do any engineering or programming anymore. So he doesn't really need a computer to do his job.

Many of us rely on computers for day-to-day administrative tasks that might be tough to do only on a phone. This limitation doesn't apply to Dorsey. The guy has a net worth in the billions. He can outsource anything he needs to.

It's kind of like how Barbara Corcoran refuses to reply to emails. She's able to ignore her inbox because she has a team to manage it for her. Having the means to set up your life for extreme productivity can be a privilege. ?