The display is stunning. The battery never, ever runs out. This device has the power to unlock your creativity in ways never previously thought possible.

Introducing the Lego Fold.

It pokes fun at Samsung's recent unveiling of the Galaxy Fold -- their foldable smartphone with a hefty $1,980 price tag. In true tech form, Samsung revealed the phone on stage at Mobile World Congress, the phone industry's largest conference. At the same conference, Chinese technology company Huawei also unveiled a foldable smartphone. Their Mate X will cost $2,600.

Poking fun at how new tech products are marketed. 

Lego's mocked-up ad looks exactly like every ad you've ever seen to announce a sleek new tech device.

Just like Samsung's own Galaxy Fold marketing images, the mock Lego Fold ad dramatically places their product floating in the center of a sea of black. Juxtaposed against the pitch black background, the color really pops. Plain white type simply reads: Lego Fold.

"A stunning 5-inch cover display unfolds into an 11-inch pop-up story book. For endless creative play that never runs out of battery," Lego's tweet reads.

The tweet earned Lego Internet kudos as people replied to build on the joke.

"Camera is lacking, but all other features are truly perfect and suitable for all ages," someone responded.

"Please release the technical specifications! I need to know the processing speed before I commit to purchasing!" tweeted another.

Someone else inquired if the Lego Fold was waterproof.

Get this: Lego's pop-up book is real.

What's even more hilarious is that this Lego product actually exists.

It's their ideas pop-up building book kit, priced at $69.99. It contains 859 pieces and instructions to build scenes from two classic fairy tales: Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk. From the reviews it appears to be a hit with customers. Some even got creative and built their own scenes with other parts, like one reviewer who designed and built a Star Wars-themed scene in his Lego book.

The Galaxy Fold is scheduled to launch April 26. But if you absolutely must have a foldable device before then -- one that inspires your creativity and never needs recharging -- you can order the Lego Fold right now.  ?