Want to pitch your idea to Mark Cuban or hear what's going on behind the scenes at Shark Tank? Just shoot him a text. Really.

Cuban phoned in to Ryan Seacrest's radio show last week. Between discussing whether college athletes should get paid and mistakes new entrepreneurs make, he slipped in his phone number and invited anyone to text him at 214-612-6002. He says it's a new setup he's trying out. 

Don't try calling, because he won't pick it up. Cuban has previously made clear that he hates phone calls because he thinks they're a waste of time. Same with meetings and business lunches. If you want a reply, don't ask to meet up. 

Cuban says he responds to 20-30 of these texts a day. Virtually anyone can text him. 

Getting in front of Mark Cuban

Is it even worth trying to cold text Mark Cuban? It could be. Just ask Adam Lyons, who received an investment from Cuban in his car insurance startup. It all started with a cold email.

When Lyons was just starting his business, he guessed Cuban's email address and shot him a note with the subject line: "Wanna disrupt the insurance industry?"

Cuban replied minutes later and back-and-forth ensued. A few weeks later, Cuban became one of Zebra's first investors.

Getting to the point

If Cuban's position on emailing is any clue, keep it short. Skip the pleasantries. He's a direct and to-the-point guy. He's said in past interviews with Inc. that he deletes 99 percent of emails. The one percent that are worth his reply are emails that get straight to the point and pique his interest.