Google "social media detox," and you'll find a plethora of articles where people who did it offer their advice. We could all use a little break from the Instagram and Facebook FOMO. If you're not living a picture-perfect Instagram life, you begin to feel incomplete.

Younger generations are feeling it, too. Even those who grew up with social media.

New research on Gen Z -- that's 18- to-24-year-olds -- reveals this screen-savvy generation is feeling bummed out from social media. The survey of 1,000 participants found 41 percent report feeling anxious, sad, or depressed by platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The survey, titled Meet Gen Z: The Social Generation, was conducted by marketing and communications agency Hill Holliday.

Thirty four percent of the participants said they're thinking about quitting social media entirely. And 64 percent of them said they're considering a break. An overwhelming majority of them -- 72 percent -- say people their age are too distracted by social media.

Hill Holliday's chief strategy officer, Lesley Bielby, recently wrote about this generation overdosing on social media. "Social media makes you create a standard for yourself that is almost impossible to maintain," Bielby's own Gen Z daughter said. "It's exhausting and overwhelming."

Even though participants also reported getting value out of spending time on the platforms -- it helps them feel closer to friends, for example -- the pros may not outweigh the cons. Many just need a break.

"While most people in our study felt that the good outweighed the bad, they are more likely to turn down or turn off sites and content that feed their insecurities," Bielby told advertising news site Campaign Live. That means social-media platforms need to keep evolving to provide real value to their users. Facebook's inability to maintain the attention of teens explains why many of them are leaving the platform in droves for a way-cooler app.