Some have an obsession with Ikea that veers on fanatical. When the Swedish furniture retailer recently opened its 46th U.S. store in Jacksonville, Fla., hordes of shoppers lined up days in advance.

Their meatballs are just so good! Their prices just so affordable! And they're just so tongue-in-cheek clever! But the one thing that everyone loves to hate about Ikea? Assembling their furniture. While Ikea has perfected the flat-pack model, which ultimately saves customers money because it reduces shipping costs, they haven't found a solution to take the pain out of putting it all together.

Until now.

Last fall, Ikea acquired TaskRabbit for a top-secret price. With the TaskRabbit acquisition, it was clear Ikea planned to integrate furniture assembly in some way into their shopping experience. Now they're giving it a whirl. Ikea just announced TaskRabbit services will be available to customers at two West Coast stores, Business Insider reports.

After check-out, customers at the Emeryville and East Palo Alto, California, Ikea stores can now book a Tasker to assemble the furniture when they get home. "Customers will be able to select the Ikea products they have bought from a list and get a quote on how much these cost to assemble," Business Insider writes. A TaskRabbit spokesperson told Business Insider this service will be rolling out nationwide in the coming months.

Of course, this service costs money. A TaskRabbit and Ikea partnership has already launched in the U.K., and assembly costs start at $30 per item. If you're bringing home several pieces of furniture, it could get pricey to pay a Tasker to put it all together.

But if you have the extra cash to spare, science says this is precisely the best way to spend it: by paying people to do things you don't want to do. A recent study found that people who paid others to complete unenjoyable tasks such as cleaning their home or running errands saw a spike in happiness. Imagine the bliss you'd experience if someone assembled all your Ikea furniture for you. Priceless.

Still can't stomach paying someone to put together your furniture? Ikea has started to roll out furniture that snaps together to assemble, much like a jigsaw puzzle. These pieces are also easy to take apart and reassemble if you move. They're beginning with the Lisabo series. Reviews from customers on the Lisabo table report assembly took between three and eight minutes.

"I actually put together a table which used to take me 24 minutes to assemble but took me three minutes to click together," Ikea's range and supply manager Jesper Brodin told Dezeen.