Catch any episode of Shark Tank or her Business Unusual podcast, and you'll quickly get a sense of Barbara Corcoran's personality.

She's a straight shooter who doesn't sugar coat things. Corcoran hates complainers and anyone who isn't willing to work hard to get the job done. When people ask for her advice, she's brutally honest. 

Corcoran recently appeared on Yahoo Finance's YFi PM to share her thoughts on the leadership style of Tesla's chief executive, Elon Musk. 

Why she's totally confident in Musk.

Corcoran loves her Tesla and has stock in the company. She says she'd upgrade her stock, even though it was just double downgraded by Baird and CFRA.

She admits Musk isn't so smooth around the edges. But even if he's rough, he has strong opinions. In fact, that's why she admires him so much. Any great leader is rough. "That's what you want when you want to reinvent a category," Corcoran says.

She believes he's a visionary and that the product speaks for itself. "You always need a guy that's a wild man like he is to create something new," says Corcoran. 

Keeping the course despite bumps in the road. 

Even though Tesla stock lost $1.1 billion in the first two quarters of last year, Corcoran isn't concerned. She believes a bumpy road is to be expected. Tesla stock has always been volatile. 

Corcoran is playing in it for the long term. "The product in the end drives the company," she says. "The product is so phenomenally better."

Even as other car manufacturers enter the self-driving car industry, she's not worried. "You know what's wrong with that? The old guy never creates the new trick and they never catch up."  Corcoran is putting all her faith in Elon Musk.