Every investor on the ABC hit show Shark Tank has their go-to strategy for hiring. They have successful businesses aplenty and need the right people in place to help keep it that way. Barbara Corcoran knows how weeds out complainers. Mark Cuban knows how to spot the best personality traits.

Now self-made millionaire Daymond John is chiming in with his two cents. When speaking with CNBC Make It, John shared his tactic for uncovering a candidate's approach to success and life during the interview process. He asks: "What's ever happened to you that was beyond your control after you were 15 years old?"

It's a weird question. Why the age? And why is he asking this in the first place?

Because it's a trick question. John doesn't want to hear about the job that made you miserable or how you struggled to get your business off the ground. Unless it was a disease or a true catastrophic event, John isn't buying any of your excuses.

He's looking for a non-answer. You shouldn't have one. John believes the right answer is nothing. The only thing getting in the way of your own success is yourself, he says. All that you accomplish -- and everything you don't -- is totally, utterly, 100 percent in your control.

This is coming from a guy who grew his business from his mom's basement in Queens. At one point he handed out flyers for $2 an hour, Business Insider reports. While he was growing Fubu, he waited tables at Red Lobster.

"If you are successful, it's not by luck," he says. The same goes for people who consider themselves unlucky. Unluckiness a real thing, John says. "If you haven't had the career you would have liked, who else are you going to blame it on?"

John says the formula for success is simple. Work hard. Work until the middle of the night if you have to. Don't quit your day job. Surround yourself with people who empower you.