The brilliance of the timeless Lego toy block is unrivaled. Enjoyed by generations of kids (and adults), the brightly colored toys inspire creativity and problem solving. Plus, they're just plain fun.

If you had to name just one problem with their construction, what would it be? How about this: The toy blocks cannot be stuck to anything else except themselves.

Until now.

Enter Nimuno Loops. Stick the Lego-compatible tape on any surface, and you can build your Lego creations sideways, upside down or even on other toys. The product has a few weeks to go in its Indiegogo campaign and has far surpassed its initial $8,000 funding goal. More than 35,000 backers have put in over $1 million.

Nimuno tape is not strictly for Legos, and it's not an official Lego product. The toy block tape is also compatible with Mega Bloks, Kreo and other toy building blocks. The tape is flexible and has re-adhesive backing so you can stick it virtually anywhere.

Each 6.5-foot roll can be snipped to shorter lengths. Backers can choose from a variety of colors, including red, blue, purple, black, green and grey. "Forget the Internet of Things," the product developers wrote on their Indiegogo campaign. "We want to see the Nimuno Loops of Things!"

Playing with prototypes and names

Nimuno is the brainchild of three product designers, two who work for Cape Town-based Chrome Cherry Design Studio. The design consultancy is most known for their work on Ybike, which develops a variety of bikes, scooters and ride-on toys for kids.

Co-creators Max Basler, Anine Kirsten and Jaco Kruger have been developing Nimuno for the past year in Basler's garage. With mentorship from their colleagues at CCDS, the team tooled with different materials and characteristics to design a workable prototype they could bring to the public.

Their work these past 12 months also led to landing on the Nimuno name. "After many brainstorming sessions we turned to drawing curved shapes that represent how the product gives traditionally flat and square toys flexibility," says Kirsten, one of the creators. "The curves turned to letters and we stumbled onto nimuno."

The Nimuno team set their crowdfunding goal at just $8,000 because they had already developed the product. They'll use the cash to pay for final prototyping, testing and casting Nimuno Loops.

The team's main objective with taking their product to Indiegogo was to gauge interest without investing in a ton of inventory -- and without knowing if that inventory would sell. With so many backers eager to get their hands on the toy block tape, it's clear Nimuno has plenty of demand.

The team's next challenge? Making sure they can deliver. "I think the challenging part will be ensuring that the backers get the perks they bought without any shipping mishaps," Kirsten says. "We are accounting for this though by limiting the amount of perks we release to make it simpler for the manufacturers we have lined up to help with production and logistics." The campaign ends on April 12 and the estimated ship date is August 2017.

Published on: Mar 21, 2017
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