Six years of research and development, input from 1,800 consumers, and over 250 patents have all led to this moment.

Artificial intelligence is coming to your mouth. 

Oral-B's swanky smart toothbrush is here. It's got all the A.I. bells and whistles you didn't know you needed. There's a companion app that provides "coaching and motivation." The brush head's sensors detect if you're brushing correctly and thoroughly. If you're not, you'll get pointers to improve your technique.

The Oral-B Genius X electric toothbrush costs $220. It's currently available on Amazon and directly on the Oral-B site for $179.94. 

The toothbrush that judges you.

Even if you brush for a solid two minutes (most people don't), it's likely you're missing spots. Properly brushing your teeth is more complicated than it seems. You've got to consider pressure applied and time spent on various aspects of your mouth.

Enter the Oral-B Genius X electric toothbrush.

"It has a revolutionary artificial intelligence technology that enables it to recognize your brushing style and coaches you for your best results everyday," the product page reads. To diagnose your brushing style, Oral-B gathered data from "thousands of human brushing behaviors."

An excuse to bring your phone to the bathroom.

No need to feel sheepish taking your phone to the bathroom. You've got a good reason. You're off to brush your teeth with a coach by your side. 

Oral-B's companion app gamifies your tooth brushing experience with Coaching, Activity, and Achievements tabs. The 3D mouth diagram shows you spots you missed or where you brushed too hard. It also keeps time for you. 

Product tester reviews are in. 

Oral-B just unveiled this smart toothbrush at CES in Las Vegas. But it's actually been available for two months, and there are plenty of product reviews already available.

The catch, however, is that all of the 4-star and 5-star reviews on the Genius X Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush product page were submitted by individuals who received the product for free. At least Oral-B is being transparent about the freebies. 

"Never going back to regular toothbrush ever again!" said one 5-star reviewer who received the toothbrush for free. 

"As a competitive person, this really motivates me to brush well every time. I highly recommend this toothbrush." wrote another 5-star reviewer, who also received the toothbrush for free. ?