You'll soon be able to get more than $8 award-winning rosé at Aldi. From gourmet olives to organic hummus, the European grocery store chain is vying to become Americans' grocery store of choice.

So you can't sip wine while you shop or eat unlimited cheese samples like you can at Whole Foods. But who cares? Aldi's betting that their low prices and fresh food options will speak for themselves.

Vegetarian, vegan and organic options galore

Aldi has been aggressively expanding in the United States market, with 2,500 new or remodeled stores expected by the end of 2022. They just made a huge announcement that is likely to attract even more customers to their aisles.

U.S. Aldi stores are increasing their fresh food products by 40 percent. This includes organic, vegetarian, vegan and ready-to-prepare food options.

They're rolling more fresh food in stores nationwide by early 2019. This includes not only produce and organic offerings, but also meal kits, grab-and-go single-serve options and more grocery store staples for people with dietary restrictions.

Targeting health-conscious and on-the-go shoppers

In a recent survey of U.S. consumers by Market Force Information, Aldi came in number four as America's favorite grocery store. Whole Foods was number 10. By offering even more options that appeal to health-conscious millennials, it won't be surprising if Aldi's ranking continues to climb.

Here's what you can expect to soon find the shelves at U.S. Aldi locations, according to a press release:

Ready-to-cook and organic fresh meats, including marinated cilantro lime chicken breasts More fresh produce and organic options

  • Veggie noodles
  • Ready-to-eat sliced fruits, including mango, pineapple and watermelon spears
  • Kale and quinoa crunch burgers
  • Chickenless patties and tenders
  • Meatless hot dogs and sausages
  • Single-serve guacamole
  • Organic hummus
  • Organic salsa
  • Antipasti salad
  • Gourmet olives
  • Calzones
  • Strawberry kefir
  • Kombucha
  • Quinoa bowls
  • Premium pasta sauce
  • Gluten-free bagels
  • Organic almond milk, coconut milk and a full range of lactose-free and soy milk

Good prices, exclusive brands and convenience

Naturally, Aldi's price point also remains attractive. Because many of Aldi's products are private label -- meaning they're exclusively sold at Aldi -- they can keep prices low. Private label Aldi brands include Little Journey baby products, SimplyNature products featuring many organic options, gluten-free liveGfree products and antibiotic-free Never Any! Meats.

Aldi is also coming out ahead in the private label wine game. Several Aldi wines have won awards. Price points that hover around $10 a bottle or less. Cooking up those marinated cilantro lime chicken breasts tonight? Might as well grab a bottle. Some, like that award-winning $8 rosé even reach cult status and quickly sell out.

Lastly, Aldi is rolling out partnership with Instacart in select markets. In Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles metropolitan areas, you can now order online and get your groceries delivered.

All of these are tell-tale signs that Aldi will only continue to climb in popularity -- perhaps becoming America's next favorite grocery store. And there's one more thing. According to data released last year, living by an Aldi means your home value might increase.

So don't just get thee to an Aldi. Get thee to buying a home near one.