Love him or hate him, people pay attention when Elon Musk tweets.

Oftentimes, it's stream-of-consciousness stuff. He tweets about how he's feeling and shares Tesla news. It gets particularly juicy when Musk tweet fights with people. He's brought down his Twitter wrath on everyone from the members of the press and media to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Internet eats up every single one. "Lame" read one tweet from March 30. It got 5,000 retweets.

"It's that emotional authenticity, that ability to keep things real, that has helped make Elon so successful," writes my fellow columnist Justin Bariso, who frequently unpacks Musk's tweets. The CEO of Twitter himself, Jack Dorsey, agrees. In speaking with BNN Bloomberg, Dorsey sings Musk's praises.

Jack Dorsey: Elon Musk is authentic and inspiring

CEOs aren't supposed to fly off the handle on Twitter. They are the face of their companies, and there's a lot at stake. Doing or saying the wrong thing could negatively impact their revenue or the perception of their organizations. 

This is why many CEOs consult advisors about what they should tweet. Many steer clear of getting too personal or political. Musk doesn't. He puts it all out there. Which is exactly what Dorsey appreciates about his Twitter strategy. (If you'd even call it that.) He says:

"I think it's important that he exists and that he shows himself so authentically on the service and is so playful with it. Because I think it inspires others to just think very, very differently about their work and what they're doing and you never know where creativity is going to strike. And he's probably inspired a bunch."

Pushing the edges of what's possible

Despite Musk frequently ruffling feathers and even getting himself into legal hot water with the SEC, Dorsey celebrates that Tesla's founder continues to push buttons and boundaries, which paves the path for future innovators.

"I appreciate Elon's use because he tests the edges," Dorsey says. "If we don't figure out ways to support that, we don't have inventions like Tesla."