If it's a bad traffic day and you need to get to the other side of the city fast, a helicopter might be your fastest option. If only you had Trump-like wealth to afford one. (Trump reportedly owns three, including a  $7 million chopper with 24-karat gold plated throughout.)

It appears that UberCOPTER thinks they can offer solution. In partnership with European plane maker Airbus, Uber is running a month-long trial in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Uber users can use the app to hail a helicopter and pay $17-80 for a ride between airports, to their hotel or to conference centers. The service is operating from five helipads and four hotels, Fabio Sabba, Uber's communications director in Brazil, told the Canadian Press.

Uber has already dipped its toes into the helicopter waters. They offered UberCOPTER at the  Cannes Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival. But this is the first time it hasn't been restricted to a specific event or weekend. It also seems to be more affordable. UberCOPTER prices at Cannes and Sundance started at $150, while a ride in Sao Paulo could cost as little as $17. If you get stuck with surge pricing while taking an UberCAB or UberX, $17 is nothing.

Published on: Jun 16, 2016
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