Scan your face with your phone and voilà. The perfect glasses to fit your face have been found. That's how easy it is to find frames with the new recommendation feature Warby Parker's app just released especially for iPhone X users. (H/t to tech journalist Joanna Stern who discovered this existed.)

Creepy? Kinda. Practical? Definitely.

One of the hottest new features of Apple's latest iteration of the iPhone is FaceID. "The TrueDepth camera captures accurate face data by projecting and analyzing over 30,000 invisible dots to create a depth map of your face and also captures an infrared image of your face," Apple's website says. Translation: It uses your face to unlock your phone.

But you can use it to do other stuff, too, as Warby Parker discovered. Like map the geometry of your face to recommend which of their frames will fit you best. 

Warby Parker's app is free and so is this face-scanning and glasses recommendation feature. The hope is that you'll find a pair of frames you love and purchase them. 

How FaceID works

A handful of people were lucky enough to already receive their iPhones and are testing out FaceID. "It's the biggest difference between the much-hyped iPhone X and the many forgettable iPhones of the past few years," Stern writes in an early review for Wall Street Journal. You need to set up FaceID and teach your iPhone to recognize your face. Stern describes the process as requiring "two sets of awkward head rolls." Then you can simply unlock your phone by looking at it.

And, if you have the Warby Parker app, have them recommend which glasses you should buy. The feature is available for iPhone X users only in the free Warby Parker app. Don't have an iPhone X and don't plan on dropping $1,000 for one anytime soon? You can still stop into any of the retail locations and try on frames in-person.