Athleisure is having a huge moment. Four-year-old company Outdoor Voices is harnessing that moment--and taking on huge brands like Lululemon and Nike--with a new take on fitness apparel. One of their bestselling items is an exercise dress with built-in shorts.

According to 30-year-old founder Tyler Haney, the brand is all about helping its customers stay healthy and happy. The leggings and crop tops are meant for recreation, not achieving peak fitness. The brightly hued clothing is very Instagrammable. #doingthings is their hashtag. 

Taking on the giants of athleisure is no small feat, so Haney is all about focus. In an interview with The Cut, here's how the fashion designer turned athleisure CEO says she structures her day for optimal creativity and productivity.

Block out "doing things" time.

Haney says she doesn't take meetings before 9:30 a.m. She protects her time in the mornings for exercise and her morning routine. She starts her morning with a short gratefulness meditation, then usually jogs a few miles before work. 

Lean into monotony.

CEO life varies wildly from week to week, driven often by whatever's on fire on any given day. Haney relies on a highly structured schedule to keep her organized and focused. 

The beginning of the day is reserved for creative work. The end of the day is for operational and logistical work. "A monotonous schedule allows me to be creative," she says. "I have to be pretty rigorous around that."

Ruthlessly monotask.

Focusing on one thing at a time does not come easy for Haney. She says she's a natural multitasker. Yet she knows dedicating her attention only to what is in front of her leads to better work and results. 

She recommends the book The One Thing to anyone who struggles with distractions and too many things on their plate. ?