Imagine you, Mr. or Ms. Mid-Career Entrepreneur or Professional, could roll back the clock and restart your career. Imagine you could take all your learnings from the last several decades and start all over again. How much further ahead would you be at your current age? Imagine all the frustrations you could save yourself.

Luckily for those just starting out, you can spend the next five minutes reading what follows to save yourself a little heartache. Because I'm about to tell you the 12 things almost nobody around you will ever talk about. Yes, we're about to talk "third rails."

These third rails will come with no explanation, because truths need no explanation. They inevitably are. If you disagree, write me. If you agree, tweet me (@BettyWLiu). I'm pretty sure you'll be able to identify with several of the ones I list below.

1. People who complain the most at work usually get the most.

2. Bosses play favorites.

3. You'll hit at least one but most likely two big tragedies in your life while working.

4. Some of the most successful people have the worst personal lives.

5. There will be days when you think of work first, before your children.

6. Everyone uses their children as an excuse to get out of work at least three times a year.

7. The older you get, the more you'll understand what discrimination means.

8. About 5 percent of the people in your office are sociopaths.

9. People rarely do anything for you, whether it's investing in your company or promoting you, because of the reason you think.

10. People often reject the things you want for precisely the reason you think. They'll just never tell you.

11. The most important factor to whether your company will be successful or not is access to capital.

12. You'll become a lot smarter about life and work by listening to my new podcast, Radiate.

Yes, the last one is a plug for my upcoming podcast, debuting on November 3 on iTunes and SoundCloud (listen to our demo here), where I talk to some of the smartest business leaders in the world. I'm really excited about it. We get real with people like Steve Schwarzman, Andrea Jung, Charlie Rose, Sallie Krawcheck, and others. Let's talk the hard truths about building a successful career. From those nuggets of insight, people can grow and...radiate. More to come, so stay tuned!