And so it begins.
President Donald Trump has 100 days to "Make America Great Again".
Whether he'll actually do that remains to be seen--and it's certainly been a rough start--but there's no doubt you can make yourself great in less than that.
Below are 7 easy ways to improve yourself in the next three months.

1. Express gratitude everyday. This is not pollyanna mumbo jumbo. Research has found time and again that being grateful for what you have leads to a happier and healthier life. Write a gratitude note everyday to yourself and watch what happens over the next 100 days.

2. Develop one new mindfulness habit. Mindfulness has become a hot topic in work life, which is simply the state of being present in your surroundings. I've picked up one mindfulness habit from an advertising CEO who told me he avoids reading his emails every morning until he gets to the office. That way, he doesn't start of the day in a frenzied state of email hell. I started this too at the end of last year and I found my mornings so much more calm.

3. Give something with no expectation of a return. I've talked about this before in Work Smarts -- giving to people with no obligation expected is the easiest way to make yourself likable. Give something big or unusual. You'll be surprised by the deep satisfaction you get from being completely altruistic.

4. Change one thing about your appearance. When I started to wear colorful glasses on a daily basis, people began to approach me more. They got a kick out of the quirky style and it became an easy conversation starter. It's fun to change something up about your look, whether it's a new hairstyle, clothes, glasses or anything else. It makes you more approachable and gives you an ego boost.

5. Reach out to someone you don't know but admire. ?One of the great habits I learned as a reporter is never be afraid to make cold calls. Even if someone ignored me, I'd never take it personally. However, most of us are reluctant to do this when it comes to people much more successful than them. To get over that fear, just simply do it and see what happens. The worst that can happen is you do not get an answer. But that's actually not the worse at all. What you're doing is starting the ball rolling and breaking out of the fear. Do it and see what happens--you'll be surprised who returns your calls.

6. Find something nice about someone and tell them. I'm not a fan of fake compliments which people give all the time, but I am a fan of giving people compliments in general. Give someone a genuine compliment, no matter how small, and see how much they appreciate it. Do this on a daily basis.

7. Find an email from 10 years ago and reply. I dedicate this one to James Altucher, who told us recently on Radiate (video to come) that he has picked up the habit of replying to emails from decades ago. No connection is too old to rekindle. I'm sure many of you have an email you've left unanswered and were too embarrassed to reply once the email went stale. Go back and reply as if you've just received it. See how much that person appreciates it.

While you're working on making yourself great again, how about making others great by giving them direct, honest feedback? Learn how CEOs do this in our Radiate video below: