It's almost the new year which means many people are either looking for a job or they're hiring. The jobs market is brisk right now and that means a lot of people are in transition looking for the next great thing.

For all the latest advances in technology, the job interview is still an old-school process. You sit down with a prospective employer. Get to know each other. Ask questions. If you pass the first round, come back for the second. Or third. No matter how entrenched this process is, it's still an imperfect one. The truth is it's difficult to really know whether a person or a job is going to fit until the job starts.

That doesn't mean there aren't some easy and effective ways to figure out if a candidate is a right match. I asked several CEOs on Radiate what their must-ask job interview question is that they've used over the years. As you're reading below, try to think of what your own answer might be and then click the links to watch them explain why those questions are so important.

"Tell me about your last job." - Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of GE and founder of the Jack Welch Management Institute.

"What were they like in high school." - Kevin Ryan, Chairman and CEO of AlleyCorp and founder of companies like MongoDB, Gilt Groupe, Business Insider.

"Tell me about the person closest to them." - Kat Cole, Group President, Focus Brands.