I named this column the "Weekday Warrior" because I know that for many of us--heck, all of us--the struggle is real every single day.

I don't care how much money or fame or success you have; how many likes you get on Instagram; how thin or well-groomed you appear. Every day is a struggle. Some days the struggle is small. Other days, it can be overwhelming. And it happens whether you're white, black, a woman, a man, young, or old.

Many of the members at Radiate have written to me about their own struggles. All are very successful people in their own right--business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals. Some of the struggles are personal. Others are business-related. I'll take a business struggle over a personal one any day but regardless, they all are tough. Don't believe me? Watch what Gary Garrabrant, an entrepreneur in finance, says about his own battle with fear.

So what do I do?

I used to complain a lot. That generally doesn't end well. I used to keep it in. That doesn't end well either.

Nowadays, I do something guaranteed to make me happier after five minutes. And as corny as it sounds, it really really works (and no, it's not scarfing down a stiff drink).

It's making a list of 10 things I'm thankful for. Seriously.

I've used this trick for several years and as much as I don't believe it will work, it always does. I'm not sure where I picked up this trick but the internet is filled with stories about making these lists. And do you know why? Because it works.

I experimented with it on my children a few days ago. One of them was having a trying time at school. He was mopey. Suddenly it seemed like everyone was "better" than he was--better-looking, smarter, taller, a better athlete, the list goes on. He was in that dark rabbit hole we adults know so well.

So I told him to start thinking in his head of 10 things he was thankful for. I said there were no right or wrong answers. There was lots of eye rolling from my 12-year-old but by the time we hit number nine, he was already in a better mood. The problems did not go away but his attitude changed. I hope he keeps doing it in the years to come.

You don't win the war doing this, but you can fight the battle and make it to another day. If you still don't believe me, try it yourself for one week and write me at betty@radiateinc.com to tell me of your experience. I want to hear how you thrive as a Weekday Warrior.