In stereotypical fashion, I grew up with strict Asian parents whose success in life was defined by what college you attended and how much money you made or will make. I chose a different path that, while seemingly precarious at first to my parents, has now made them proud and I hope, a little relieved.

The definition of success has also changed for me through the years. It's gone from what title you have or salary you bring home to a more holistic view: do you feel like you're winning at life?

What's winning at life? We asked this of several CEOs this past year at Radiate, because by all conventional measurements, they're winning at life. But there was one CEO in particular who defined it in a way that really hit home. Dennis Mortensen, the founder of, essentially said that if he's able to work hard, do what he loves and still go home to eat cereal in his underwear, then he's winning at life (we'll publish his video in the coming weeks on our site). No truer words have been said.

If you can pursue your passions, do what you love, make a living off of it and still have the time and money to do whatever you'd like, including eating breakfast for dinner, then you're doing better than 99% of the population out there. And the good news: you don't need to be a billionaire, or even a millionaire, to achieve this.

So next time you feel like you're losing, just remember: if you can eat breakfast for dinner, then you're doing great.