Pull out your To Do List and let's take a look at why this simple tool is stunting your growth. I know it may feel a bit like heresy, as you've been trained to write down the things you want to accomplish. After all, you're an achiever and you take pride in crossing items off that list. So let me show you why this perceived productivity tool is actually stunting your growth.

You're mixing short-term and long-term goals.
The language you use is demotivating.
Most of these items are not scheduled.

There is a better way. My coach, Chad Cooper, made a simple suggestion that has taken much of the stress out of my To Do List. It starts by creating three categories that will allow you to separate out any items that come to mind that you wish to accomplish:

Doing Now
Not Doing Now
Not Doing Never

This simple categorization causes you to take a moment and ask yourself, "What is the realistic timeframe in which I can get this task done?" You can rapid-fire capture the items you want to accomplish throughout the day, and organize the "Not Doing Now" and "Not Doing Never" categories at the end of the week. When's the best time to plan your week? Studies have shown that the optimal time for most people is Sunday at 8:30pm. If you get into the habit of spending your last hour of your Sunday mapping out your schedule for the upcoming week (and ideally the next 12 weeks as well), you have a much higher probability of accomplishing more that week, and ultimately that quarter.

Remember to use motivating language as you transfer your list to your schedule. This becomes much easier if you break down your list into personal and professional outcomes you seek to accomplish. And if you're digging all of what we're talking about here and want to dive into a full 10-day (90 minutes per day) audio program that will help you crystalize and deepen these habits (along with many other unique strategies for productivity), I highly recommend The RPM Life Planner. I've only just started to implement this system and I'm already seeing incredible productivity gains.

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