This year my in-laws, Connie and Dick Knies, will celebrate their 60th year of marriage. They are the most blissfully happy people I know. Would you say that your employees are blissfully happy? If not, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. There are 3 rules of marriage that, it turns out, are the same rules of cultivating blissfully happy employees.

It's more important to say I appreciate you than I love you.
Don't keep score.
Never go to bed angry (resolve your conflicts).

It turns out that relationships are the same regardless if you have them at work or at home. Power dynamics such as titles and positions of authority may complicate work relationships, but only if you allow them to do so. The most respected members of your team typically ignore people's titles and instead focus on what truly matters. After all, people who abuse their position of authority find that they don't keep that authority for long. And those who focus on what's important usually rise quickly within any organization regardless of what level they were hired into.

Blissfully happy employees are the ones that feel appreciated, focus on the issues at hand and actually grow through conflict. If there were no challenges at work, we'd all be bored out of our minds. The trick is ensuring these challenges do not deteriorate into personal conflicts, build tensions nor boil over into "us" vs. "them" fragmentation that serves no one. Instead, take the time to show your appreciation, work to improve and ultimately grow through conflict.

If you have your own rules and insights on how to cultivate blissfully happy employees, please share in the comments section below or share them with me on Twitter @BillCarmody. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and I look forward to your insights and perspective.