Let's talk about risk for a minute. If you had the courage to start a company or join a small business or start-up, then you have the entrepreneurial spirit. Every business has risk and every deal you choose to move forward on has inherent risk. That's why smart businesses offer some sort of money back guarantee. Let's face it, if one of your customers was unhappy with your product or service, they will ask for their money back anyway. And, if their complaint was legitimate, you'll most likely do it. So why hide it? To stay in business, you must deliver 10 times the value that your customers are paying, or you risk having them come back and question your value.

What If You Offered 100 Times The Value Of Your Product or Your Money Back?

Would you even consider 100 times the value or your money back? Think about that for a minute. As a business owner or key contributor to your company, is that something you'd support? The vast majority of businesses owners I know would give an emphatic "NFW" (i.e. No Way) response.

So check this out. If you want to attend Tony Robbin's Business Mastery event, the cost to you would be $10,000 (unless you first attended a UPW and bought it there for a discount). And right on your application form you will see Tony Robbin's guarantee:

"If after attending the first full day of Business Mastery, you do not feel you have received $1 million worth of value to create exponential growth in your business, turn in your manual and materials and we will send you a full refund for the event."

Personally, I prefer seeing the 90 second video with Tony Robbins declaring this guarantee to his audience, and then asking at the end of the 5 days how many people got not $1 million, but at least $5 million in value. Watch how the audience responds:

3 Applications to Your Business

There are three important lessons to be learned from all of this. You can take massive action today and immediately change your outcomes.

Put Your Money Back Guarantee Up Front

  Determine How You Can Add As Much as 100 Times the Value - Stop and quantify the value you're delivering for the money you're charging. If it's "about right", then you're at risk of being disrupted by a competitor. If you can quantify 10 times the value, then you're probably doing well and growing. However, if you want to experience geometric growth, then spend some time thinking about how you can deliver as much as 100 times the value or more. If you can quantify how you can consistently deliver $1 million dollars of value for every $10 thousand dollars your clients spend with you, then you have a winning formula that will sustain your growth for the foreseeable future. Your job, once you have mapped this out, is to make sure every possible prospect who could use your services knows about the value you deliver and how you guarantee their satisfaction and/or outcome.
  Decide How You Will Add A Minimum of $5 Million in Growth to Your Business - When you do the two items above successfully, you're already on your way to growing your business by $5 million dollars. But we've only scratched the surface here. How long have you spent with this article? A few minutes? Imagine if you were to immerse yourself in your business for 60 hours with other like-minded individuals who are just as motivated to geometrically grow their business? All the while being guided by the top tier experts in their field. If you have a better plan than attending Business Mastery, please share it with me. Either way, decide right now what you're willing to invest to get the outcomes you deserve. By takin g massive action now, you will end up where you want to be not just in the next 12 months, but over the course of your career - which I'm guessing is many, many more years to come.

Having attended Business Mastery twice myself, I can attest to the value. Ask me at the end of 2017 if I was able to realize the $5 million in incremental revenue I expect to see. If not, I can tell you that it's on me and my team at Trepoint. Having the breakthroughs at Business Mastery are only as powerful as the massive actions you take coming out of this immersive experience. It's about the 2 millimeter shifts, not the wholesale changes you make in your business. Taking massive action trumps having great ideas every day of the week.